My other fuck buddy that summer. We mostly got stoned and had sex in the basement of his parents’ house. His penis had a mushroom head, which was a lot of fun to play with.

Harry and I share the same birthday and decided to have sex during our joint birthday party, because... why not? Sadly, he had whiskey dick and I got bored and went back to the party.

The bartender at a ski resort in South America. We had sex on the floor of the restaurant where he worked after it closed. The foreplay lasted so long that I had to beg him to finally start having sex with me, which was a pleasant change of course from the drunken sex I had been having with the residents of Frat Row.

The first time we had sex, Felipe told me he was surprised that I didn’t wait until I was married, and for some unknown reason, I kept sleeping with him. The combination of his extreme jealousy and complete lack of personal hygiene were dealbreakers in the end.

Mike #2
Mike and I dated for the last couple months of his senior year. I was head-over-heels for him but he was a commitment-phobe who also couldn’t keep it up.

Nick was a friend-of-a-friend who showed me around New York while I was interning there for the summer. The sex was mediocre and he was weird about it afterwards. He was the only Asian I’ve ever slept with.

Mark and I started hooking up after a friend told me that he loved eating girls out. He wore bandanas and had a long beard, which he wore braided, with plastic beads on the end. I would sneak off to his room in the morning and he would make us tea and then go down on me for hours on end. We never had sex but his amazing tongue deserves some recognition.


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