Nizar was sitting behind me on my red-eye flight to London, where I spent the summer interning. It was right when Lost was really popular and he was a sexy Sayid look-alike. After many mini-bottles of wine I ended my long dry spell by joining the Mile-High Club with him in the bathroom. The sex was really fun, but a day later I woke up with a UTI and learned first-hand the benefits of England’s National Health Service.

Jamie was my insta-boyfriend during my summer in London and was the first person to make me come during sex. Thanks to him I will forever have a preference for men who are uncircumcised.

Nizar (again)
The fall after I came back from London I went down to NYC to spend a night with Nizar, hoping for more adventurous sex like what we had had at thirty-five thousand feet. Despite the fact that we had talked about getting it on in various public places, he sequestered me in his crappy apartment in Midtown and treated me like an object. I didn’t trust him; and I grabbed my things and left while he was in the bathroom.

Quentin (again)
Quentin and I ran into each other while skiing over Thanksgiving break. We hadn’t spoken in a few years but the sexual tension was running high. After the holidays, he came to visit me back East at school and let me peg him in the shower while my roommates made dinner down the hall.

Jim was Catholic and a virgin. I broke it off when I realized the only reason I was dating him was the challenge of taking his v-card.

We had sex while I was rolling and he made so many weird faces that I thought it was his first time. When I asked about it later he told me that he had been tripping on mushrooms, which accounted for the weird facial expressions and lackluster performance.

We met via Craigslist while I was looking for a room to rent in Boston after graduation. I didn’t end up renting a room in his apartment, but we spent quite a few nights together regardless. The sex was awesome and fairly kinky (he liked feet), but we kept it a secret because he was on-again-off-again with his crazy girlfriend.

Matt was Parker’s roommate. In hindsight, it’s a good thing I didn’t move into their apartment.


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