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Everyone I’ve Ever Had Sex With: Female, 26, Spain

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I was talking about kittens, the guy started to touch my ass.

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The Londoner 

I was 21 (yeah, so late to lose my precious virginity, but I couldn’t care less), and that was my very first trip to London. I went on my own for a 3-week English course. I met an English guy on the internet some months before, and we decided to meet in person. Trying to play it safe, I met him in a public place for some drinks. He was way too big, not fat, but big like a bear. Although he was way nice and funny, he kept laughing the whole night at my Spanish accent. Then, we started to get drunk, and my English surprisingly improved! We went out of the bar, it was all dark, and as I was talking about kittens, the guy started to touch my ass. It was the very first time someone did that, so I went blank, and I didn’t know what else to say.

It all went kind of spicy; it looked like we were going to have sex in the garden of some flat while an old man was looking at us from his balcony. Suddenly, I thought it was the moment to finally say it. "I’m a virgin."

It was way too obvious we couldn’t have sex for the first time in a public area. So “luckily”, he took me to a dirty and ugly motel. While the guy went to buy some condoms, I stayed in the motel. Then I had to pee, and I tried in my very best English to ask the receptionist where the toilet was, so I could go while my “boyfriend” was out.

Sex was ace. That guy knew what he was doing: fingering, oral and many positions. I shouted at times because the first time is a bit painful, but anyway, I was in seventh heaven, so I didn’t care. What really turned me off was him spending the night saying “sorry” whenever I shouted, I was like, "Oh my god, these English guys are way too polite, aren't they?"

The Coitus Interruptus

Hmmm, I'm not sure this one counts. We were all ready, condom on and horny enough, when all of a sudden his roommate unlocked the door (we locked it, I swear!). I ran to the bathroom and stayed there till the I’ve-spoilt-your-shag guy went out of the room again, and I left too, all the magic wore off.

The So-Called Gay Man

As he was a military man, he turned me on a lot. Well, if I'm being honest, he also had a really big dick. The weird part was he acted kind of gay. He was all shaved, knew fashion, he loved him some Spanish music from a well-known bisexual artist, and he had a girlish inflection when he talked. Either way, it was so hot to have sex with a man dressed in military clothes (real ones, not a costume). With his huge arms, he raised me from the floor, pushing me against the wall while we had sex. Maybe not that gay after all.

The Hot One

I was about to leave the disco, when I saw a really hot guy with some friends. I started to look at him, and after some minutes, the guy was near me asking for a dance. He was so hot, he was just the kind of guy I like: smart, nice and bit older than me (well, this one was like 8 or 9 years older). He offered to take me home, and I went with him in his friend’s car. So, I was in a car with some other people I didn’t know, when the hot guy (did I mention he was very attractive?) kissed me for the first time. Finally, we arrived to his house, and we got in his big car. We had sex in the car. From the place we were parked, we could see the entire city at night, lights all around, and a perfect view as if it was taken from a cheesy teen movie.

Sex was awesome, the guy didn’t last much, but all he did, he did pretty fine.

When he was taking me back home, I had the brilliant idea to ask him, "Will I see you ever again?" He immediately told me he had a girlfriend, that he was here for Easter vacation and the girl was in Madrid. I threw my number at him and left.

The Gay One, Again

Yeah, we were way too good in bed together, best sex I’ve ever had. So we became fuck buddies. Whenever we wanted sex we called each other. And again, he loved the doggy style.

After spending some weeks together, we broke up because I got bored of him and because, let’s say, he wanted to try new things with me (he wanted to try anal, to suck my toes, and also, he wanted me to pee on him). So goodbye weirdo, it was nice til now.

The DJ

You know when girls go and ask for a song from the DJ at the disco? That’s the way I met this guy. We used to flirt every weekend at the disco, as the DJ cabin was right by the toilet. At the end, we met at his house. We had some kind of weird and not-that-great sex. He had a plaster leg. After that, he asked me for sex again, even for a threesome, and I refused and crossed him out of my list. 

The Czech Buddhist 

Bored of sex, when I was in Prague, I decided to practice meditation to calm myself, so I went to a kind of Buddhist weekend course and I met a Buddhist guy. He was so calm and relaxed, and didn’t get stressed about anything, no worries, no fear, just let it flow. The following weekend, I decided to go to his little village so he could "give me some peace." But it seems Buddhists can drink alcohol, so we went into a bar where I met his friends.

I didn’t know if I could kiss him. Do Buddhists kiss each other? Do Buddhists have sex? Well, til I found it out, we went to his house, and we went to bed, or beds, or was it a bed? Czech people don’t have double beds; they have a kind of two single beds jointly together. (Who has that? That is not comfortable to sleep together.) Anyway, he went to bed just wearing his boxers. We spent the whole night talking and taking the other one's hand. Then he fell asleep. Then, after a couple of minutes, he woke up and said, "Where were we?" And I shouted that he fell asleep. Then he said that was a micro-sleep, and that he was all fresh. I just said, "Let's sleep," so we did.

The next morning, I woke up so horny. I started to make a lot of noise so that the Buddhist would wake up. So finally, we had sex after waiting the entire night.  And yeah, I felt I was enlightened.

The Buddhist One, Again

I had to go back to Spain, so the Buddhist guy came to Prague to say goodbye to me. After some beers in a bar, we went to a crowded club. We were dancing so close that I felt that I wanted to have sex with him in the middle of the dance hall. So we went to my house where I lived with two Spanish people. We had sex in silence; I didn’t want my friends to know anything that was happening in the next room. When we were done, I put my hand on the guy’s mouth so he wouldn’t shout. He didn’t really like that.

The next morning was pretty much like in the movies, when there is a guy having breakfast in your kitchen, and your roommate, who is a guy, comes into the kitchen and asks, "Where the hell did that guy came from?"