Everyone I've Ever Had Sex With: Female, 31, Chicago

"His partner of ten years (who I did not know about) showed up and started throwing things at me..."

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She was in my Girl Scout troop and we started messing around one night at a sleep-away camp. We shared a cabin and spent that first night alternately making out and fingering one another. When we got back, we would find excuses to hang out at one another's houses. The first pussy my lips ever touched.


I lost my penis-in-vagina virginity to this guy just before my sixteenth birthday. We'd been dating a long time in teenage terms — so maybe a few months — and we were "in love." He had only been with one other girl, which made the idea of having sex with him somehow more appealing. On the one hand he would know what to do, but on the other hand he hadn't been with too many people so there wasn't a lot of pressure to get it right. We broke up after my birthday, without regrets.


He was quite a bit older than me, twenty or twenty-one to my sixteen, so we lied to my parents about his age. He drove a t-top Corvette and let me drive it. I slept with him the first time on the same night that Princess Diana died.

Neil (and Brandon again)

I slept with Neil one night while my parents were out. I had Neil, Brandon, and another person over to my house. While Neil and I went upstairs to my bedroom, Brandon hung out with whoever else was there. Later that night, Neil hung out downstairs while I fucked Brandon in my bedroom. Brandon tried to convince us to have a threesome, but Neil and I declined.


We came from totally different economic backgrounds, which made it hard for us to connect. His was the first uncircumcised cock I'd ever seen.


We were good friends in high school and often messed around "just for fun" during sleep overs.


I only slept with Eric once. I felt pressured into sex with him. After it was over, I learned that he didn't use a condom, even though he acted like he was putting one on. It was my first experience with a true douchebag.

Jon, a.k.a. "Sexsquatch"

We started sleeping together in his bedroom at his mother's house. His mother would call my mom pretending to be a made-up girlfriend's mom, asking if I could sleep over. This was my first experience with adults who were willing to lie to other adults for not very good reasons. Jon was older than me by three years, and moved out of his mom's house while we were sleeping together, but his mom would still call and ask if I could sleep over with "Jenny" any time I wanted to stay with him.


This was a summer camp to remember. She was my first experience with a girl who identified openly as a lesbian. We used to sneak off to make out, and found several places to discreetly fuck during our month-long stay.

"Richard Johnson"

I was seventeen, he was thirty-four. I flirted hard with him for three days while working at this music fest. He finally took me in a van in the middle of the day and fucked the hell out of me. In my naïveté I thought that meant I would be his girlfriend, but when he found out how old I was he never spoke to me again. Looking back, I'm pretty sure he used a fake name.


This British expat was also too old for me, but not in maturity. He was twenty-two and lived at home with his mother and stepfather. He'd had never had a job because he didn't have a green card, but he had the biggest cock I've ever seen in my life. I cried when I broke up with him to go away to college, but he cried harder, and has never spoken to me again. I regard him as my first true love.


This guy was the lowest of lows in my sexual history. One time only, and I still for the life of me don't know why.


Aaron was a high-school friend who came to visit me at college. Though we fucked like bunnies, he stopped talking to me after one of my friends told him what a slut I was.


She lived on the same floor as me in my dorm at college. I convinced her to come back to my room one night, despite the fact that she'd never been with a girl before. She lay there awkwardly while I tried to get her off, and then quietly left in the middle of the night and avoided me for the rest of our time at college.


Cindy's roommate and I slept together fairly regularly, but always in secret. I have no idea if she ever knew I had taken her roommate to bed.


We both had internships at this company in Tennessee where we met and started dating. We went to college about an hour away from one another, so we kept dating after the internship was over. He had a small dick, which led to me trying anal for the first time. We broke up when I started dating Silas.


We met one night at a sushi bar. He had just gotten back from a year-long road trip. I fell for him immediately, and went home with him that night. It snowed that night, which was very rare for that part of the country, and the entire city shut down. It made everything seem magical. We dated for a year until he broke up with me by moving out of the apartment we shared while I was out of town. I was crushed, because I thought we were going to get married.

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