I picked this girl up at my neighbor's birthday party, and took her back to my apartment and fucked her brains out. Despite the fact that she insisted she was a top, she begged me to fuck her with my strap-on. I quickly realized she was bat-shit crazy after the slew of messages I got the next day, and never spoke to her again.


Another neighbor of mine. I was totally in love with him, even though I was pretty sure the sex would be awful. We only fucked once. Not exactly a highlight of my sexual career.


An Israeli man who liked to dominate in bed. We had a few fun times, but the sex was awful because he had issues keeping it up. I broke up with him by telling him that it was no fun to be fucked by a mooshy limp dick.


Yet another neighbor. I was bored, and the sex was boring. Never again.


If we had dated during a different time in my life, I would have had a long-term relationship with this man. The sex was great, and he liked to tie me up and spank me. He had a very nice dick and was a really kind man. I got scared when he said he loved me and stopped returning his calls. He forgave me and now we are good friends, and even get together occasionally for no-strings-attached sex.


I used to call him to come over and fuck me literally all night. He had trouble climaxing because of some sexual abuse when he was a kid, so I could basically get fucked as long as I wanted and then just tell him when I was satisfied. He stopped fucking me after he realized it was just sex to me.


Huge mistake. I knew before we even made it to his bedroom that I didn't want to do it with him, but I still let him take off my clothes and crawl into bed with me. One thrust and I said, "Umm, I need to use the restroom." I got up and put my dress on and he said, "You're not going to the bathroom are you? You're getting ready to leave." I responded, "Yes" and then walked out with my shoes in hand.


I went out on a date with this guy after he wrote me a cocky email on a dating site. We had great chemistry and I would have gone home with him that first night. He loved sluts, and so naturally we started fucking very shortly after that. I broke it off with him after I got tired of him blowing me off and lying to me about his relationship status with other girlfriend.

Leif (Part Deux)

I went to visit him on the other side of the state for New Year's Eve. He was so unbearably lonely that I slept with him that night, but regretted it the next morning. I wasn't in love with him anymore, but I felt like he still had feelings for me.


I met this guy on online and we went out a few times before I agreed to a sleepover. He didn't respect my boundaries and kept trying to force me to suck his cock. I've never spoken to him again.


Amazing sex. It figures though, since this guy was an actor in adult films. He broke it off with me because he knew I was interested in becoming his girlfriend and he didn't see that developing for him.

Ryan & Anne

A doctor and a nurse. I'm their occasional third, and sometimes I sleep with them individually. Ryan has been learning to be a better dom, as that's what Anne is into. Anne is a beautiful woman and it's incredibly easy to make her come. I like being in their orgasm sandwich.


I dated this dom briefly, and we had some really hot sessions where he made me come all over the place. Sadly the actual sex was lackluster and awkward because he needed to feel like his sub was emotionally attached to him, and I so wasn't. In the end I broke it off with him because I thought he was incredibly passive outside of the bedroom. He got very angry when I said I was dumping him because he "lacked teeth."


An emcee and voice actor with a voice like gravel. He rides a Harley and is covered in tattoos of varying absurdity (he has "RIDICULOUS" tattooed on his body in huge letters). He likes rough sex and fucks like a jackhammer when he's about to come. He has big fingers and uses them well. I let him stay at my house and fuck me whenever he's passing through town.

Paul B.

This is the first guy I've ever done it with who was a premature ejaculator. He was really good at oral sex, so I wasn't opposed to continuing to mess around with him (while seeing other people, of course), but he got distant after a few sleepovers and eventually called me to say he wanted to be just friends. I never decided if it was his own embarrassment over lack of performance that turned him off, or if it was his friends who warned him to stay away from me. I have a reputation in that circle as a sexual predator.

Oren (Part Deux)

We started fucking again after he hired me to work for him this past summer. The sexual tension was incredible all summer, and it was a huge release to start fucking him again. We're still fucking. He still has another girlfriend, but he doesn't blow me off anymore. It's not ideal, but the sex is the best of my life, so I try hard not to care too much.


This guy finally got me to go out with him after an excessively long period of flirting. We got drunk and ended up making out at my house, where he confessed to me that it had been three years since he had gotten laid. Being the good Samaritan that I am, I thought I would do him a favor, and I took him to my bedroom. He might have said no a few times, but his cock definitely said yes. I fucked him hard and left him scratched and bruised from my abuse. I felt very guilty and bad about this later, and told him that I regretted sleeping with him. I felt even worse when I found out I was only the second woman he had slept with, and that the last woman had been his high-school sweetheart that he'd married. They've since divorced.


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