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Everyone I’ve Ever Had Sex With: Male, 23, Florida

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"This is how I learned I'm not bisexual."

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We met on the internet when we were both 16. Being the internet addicted losers we were at the time, an e-relationship ensued and climaxed after a year when I convinced my mother to let me fly to North Carolina to meet him at his summer camp. We blew each other in the woods. At this point we were 17. A few months after, I lost interest and ended things. This triggered his severe anxiety and he was put on some heavy benzos, and it also forced him out of the closet to his parents. Shortly thereafter we stopped speaking. After a few years curiosity got the best of me and I contacted him to see how he was doing, and lucky for my guilty conscience he went to his dream university and was doing really well. I think of him and what we had fondly, but it was a borderline-delusional teenage internet relationship.

Can't remember the name
This was my real first full-on fuck. I was 18, at my cousins apartment in Brooklyn. I just wanted to fuck somebody so I found a guy. He was 28. He also paid for a lot of my excursions in NYC. Even though we fucked a few times over the course of a two week stay, he was overall forgettable, but my cousin still brings it up all the time. We didn't use a condom, and that was hands down one of the dumbest things I've ever done. 

My first college "straight guy" fuck and first one-night stand. I met him the second weekend I was living on campus at my university. Super paranoid, and super closeted, but I found him super hot. I was at a party and he texted me asking me to come over, so of course I did. I left and didn't tell any of my new friends where I was going, then shut my phone off. Needless to say that didn't sit too well with those people and we weren't friends for very long after because they were super disgusted and thought it was super selfish of me to do that. I'm not sorry.

Alfonso, I think
Kinda chubby Latino kid who I later figured out thought we were dating. This was the first time I stuck my dick in another person's asshole. He had a small uncut dick, not usually an issue, but he had phimosis and it grossed the hell out of me. I spent a weekend with him, and then moved on. I was completely unaware that he thought there was more between us until a few months later when he was still calling me multiple times per week, despite the fact that I never picked up. 

Indian guy
This guy broke a year and a half long dry-spell that I had during a very dark period in my life. I just turned 20, he was around 24. I found him on Grindr when it first came out. We met at the dirty-ass motel that his parents owned. He had the biggest cock I have ever seen in my life, which is what prompted me to get a piece. Baby-arm is an understatement, this dick was the size of a Febreze can. 

Can't remember his name, something typical like Ian
A guy from my hometown who I met when I was there for about a week around my 21st birthday. We went to the beach and I'm pretty sure I was the one of the most attractive people he's been with, and the only reason I say this is because he kept repeating something along the lines of "I don't understand why someone who looks like you is paying me attention." The answer is because I had low self esteem, in case you ever read this. I decided I wasn't attracted to him mid-way through and decided not to stick it in. We were covered in sand. Funny side story — I left my wet and sandy jeans by the washing machine and my mother thought it was my stepfathers and became livid with him.

Cute little 18-year-old. This was another one that asked me, "Why is someone who looks like you paying attention to me?" Usually I would take those kinds of remarks as sweet-nothings but there was something sincere about the way these two guys said it, and it was kind of a turn off. The best part of screwing around with him was that he absolutely loved getting his face ejaculated on. He was a really sweet dude and I liked talking to him. He had a heart problem and had a bizarre beat, I'd listen to it during post-coital cuddling. He spent the night a few times, and then I stopped hearing from him. 

Jesse was completely deaf. This also marks the first hook-up I had after completely coming out of the closet. He sort of resembled Justin Bieber. I can't sign, so we communicated by typing into my 'notepad' on my iPhone (I think I might still have it). When I first tried to stick it in, it hurt him way too much, I think he may have been a virgin. We decided to mess around some more, I took off the condom and forgetting that he was deaf, said aloud, "I took off the condom so don't try to put it in." And so of course he tried to put it in and I again said "Wait a second" and got up to get my phone to type it out. After getting another condom, we finally got it in with him on top. 

He wasn't closeted, but was the kind of gay that likes "masc only" and seemed to have a complex about it. He also claimed to have played basketball professionally for a season. I don't know how true it was, but his name came up on Google and I went through his shit when he was in the shower — everything seemed to check out. He had abs that could cut glass, and a killer dick. 

Can't remember
I found this on Grindr, we were both 21. He was Venezuelan, and very tall. He told me he'd buy me weed, so I invited him over. He got on my nerves. We got too stoned and everything he said made me think "He's so stupid." He was a good fuck, though. I bottomed for him, and this was the first time I got hit so hard that I bled. It probably wouldn't have been a one night stand if I didn't meet somebody else soon after, and because I came down with a serious case of mono about 5 weeks after this night, he got the blame. 

[Name Withheld]
He's closeted, and as much as I shouldn't, I withheld the name because I'm still friends with him and I know how badly it would affect him psychologically if he saw this. He's mixed race, white, and Korean, and I also think he's got some identity issues with that. We met in class, and I caught him looking at me in a gay way and knew. We never officially dated, but we hung around each other a lot for about 3 months and whatever we had going on moved beyond pure sex. I ended up really liking him, but knew that nothing substantial would come from it, but I told him anyway because I felt like he should know, even if it was an effort to insure he wouldn't cut me off in an attempt to push all aspects of being gay out of his life. He claimed I was the first guy he got fucked by, and I think that's part of the reason we still talk every few weeks, because I'm pretty sure he turned into one of those "discreet" guys who sit on Grindr, find a quick fuck, and leave it at that. 

Nice body, nice cock, male nurse, and he is a sweet guy. Sometimes he weirds the shit out of me, though. We only fucked once, but we've hooked up a few times. 

He was a cute American ex-pat that I met while rolling in China. We hooked up two times, and I think I may have been a little too dismissive of him. He kept asking to hang out, and I always bluntly told him "No" or "I'm busy, sorry." We got along pretty well, though. My headspace just wasn't there for that at the time. The first time I spent the night with him, the American he was rooming with came home drunk while we were on top of each other. The next morning, his roommate kept going to the bathroom to throw up. Every time he'd go in there, I'd jack this guy off, then when the toilet flushed we'd pretend to be asleep. We must have done this for about 45 minutes until we gave up.

Kristy and Dave
First pussy I ate, and then we had a threesome with Dave. Dave was this greasy stoner, and I'm disgusted that I went there. This happened on the roof of the dorm building the three of us were living in during a study abroad trip to Japan. We had been drinking, and I made a bet with a friend of mine that Dave was "a little bit bi," to which she responded "He's way too straight, you'd never be able get a piece of that." I did.

This is how I learned I'm not bisexual.  Also during the study abroad trip, our professor brought a group of us on an overnight tour of the countryside, and she and I made a plan to fuck in his bed at the hotel when he wasn't around. Needless to say, he never wasn't around. She was upset, and I vividly remember her beating her hand on her bed begging me to fuck her. So I said, "Okay, fine." I rubbed my dick up and down her pussy but was super limp. We still laugh about this story.

18-year-old freshman, this was a few months ago. I met him at the gym, thought he was kinda cute and decided I wanted to hit that. I had never had a redhead before. That night he stayed over. He was shockingly hung. He started to tell me how he just came out of the closet, and how his mom hasn't spoken to him in months. He started to cry. It kind of made me uncomfortable because it's a little odd when someone you just met bursts into tears in your bed.

The next day he texted me asking if I was "interested in developing a relationship." I told him "I think we should just be friends," which is a "no" in case anybody is confused about that. And so, we hung out a few more times that week, and by hung out I mean had sexual relations. He then said, "It seems like this is all you want from me." Well, yeah. But I didn't see him purely as an object of sex to be tossed out like a used condom, so I suggested we hang out a few times outside of my bedroom. I don't know if this is where our signals got mixed, but after another week or two, I ended up getting a text from him that said, "You're a nice guy but I'm not looking for a relationship right now, sorry." I didn't know we were dating. 

We didn't fuck, but we hooked up on the beach and then he asked me to fuck him on a riverbank. I hung out with him a couple of weeks ago, and he wanted to hook up again despite the fact he has a boyfriend. We're friends, but not very close.