Everyone Ive Ever Had Sex With

Everyone I’ve Ever Had Sex With: Female, 21, London

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He was my crush from junior year, he was older than me by one year. It took him another four, to move to England for University and a Valentine’s Day date to get me into his bed.
 We almost had sex, almost. I remember his SUV being too big for my garage. Not traumatized, but disappointed.

After V left, because we couldn’t manage to fornicate successfully, I found my true and first love. 
B and I were both 18 and we fell harder than either one of us expected. It happened at the seaside. Four months after we started dating we finally did it and we didn’t stop from doing it for the next 2 to 3 years. Even though we have broken up and dated other people, our chemistry was insane. I could’ve had sex with him anywhere and with anyone watching, we once did it with our friends in the same room. Nothing was off the table, oral, anal, role play, outdoor sex and kinky sex.

Was my rebound, after being in a relationship for 2 years. Having my heart broken seemed like the end of the world. But one naughty flirt turned into a very long one night stand. We dated for a year, but only the last 4 months were official. He then got scared and took off. Best sex ever! Or so I thought.

During my “we’re just sleeping together” thing with T, came along P and that was a very unfortunate event because his climbing equipment was so so inappropriate for my mountain of pleasure. 
I still do not know how the hell this happened not once, but twice. So so tiny.

After things with T officially ended, I felt a bit sad and lonely and I went out with my friend for a drink. One thing led to another and many tequila shots later, I was with this guy flirting and tonguing each other’s faces in the men’s bathroom.

But buuuuuut, I remembered I am one classy woman and didn’t give the cookie right away. Two days later I asked him over and we tried to have sex. Let me put it this way, he wasn’t having a “hard” time. And honestly I don’t think that if he would have, it would have made any impression. That was a traumatizing experience.

Somehow the first letter of the alphabet for me is the last one, the one that I want. It started extremely funny. He was really into me when we met, I acted like a moron and temporarily lost him. After things with T finished, I tried to fix things and asked him out.

Two weeks later we met in a club, I got a bit drunk and told him to go home together.
 Again, one thing led to another and from “we won’t have sex tonight, not like this” to “that was fucking awesome” and now…one year later he still rocks my world.