Everything You Wanted To Know About What Strippers Do About Their Periods

"Many panty changes, baby wipe baths, and Summer's Eve spray deodorant."

By Jessie Lochrie

For many years, women holding heating pads to their abdomens while sending their roommates out for Midol have wondered how strippers manage to dance up on stage wearing little else while their uterine lining ejects itself from their body. Thanks to Reddit, which is where you ask anything that Wikipedia won’t tell you, we now know. “Tampon, cut the string and tuck it up with the tampon,” answers one user, adding that “A lot of the girls also rely on the Depo shot to eliminate periods completely,” and plenty of other methods of hormonal birth control are used to control the crimson tide. 

The tampon strategy isn’t always foolproof: another user notes that after telling a new coworker to cut off the string and handing her the scissors, the girl disappeared into a bathroom stall, when  “we hear this sort of yelping noise, accompanied by this poor girl saying, 'oh my god oh my god.' She's grabbing her crotch as she sort of limps out of the stall to get a paper towel. At this point, I looked over and asked what happened. She says, 'I think I cut myself,' which was a bit of an understatement. Apparently, she didn't realize you cut the tampon before you put it in, and consequently removed a chunk of labia.” 

On a more practical, less horrifying note, another user adds that, “There are many panty changes, baby wipe baths, and Summer's Eve spray deodorant to keep the lady parts fresh.” Multiple commenters also suggested the use of menstrual cups, to eliminate that pesky tampon string dilemma.

Really, though, strippers handle their periods exactly like the rest of womankind must: by sucking it up and dealing with it. “I just cut my tampon string and work as usual, life must continue despite the menstrual cycle… with some ibuprofen and optimisim.” Preach.

Image via Veer


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