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Finally, the Perfect Sex Toy for Both Boys and Girls

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Finally, the Perfect Sex Toy for Both Boys and Girls 

It can hit the g-spot or the p-spot. 

By Lux Alptraum

It's a little known fact that most g-spot vibrators can do double duty as a source of prostate pleasure. Though they're almost exclusively marketed as being "for women," any toy that's curved just the right way (and, if you like, vibrates) can feel just as good on a prostate (or, if you like, a "p-spot") as it does on a g-spot.

I've been aware of the double life of g-spot toys for quite some time, but until recently, I'd never attempted to put theory into practice. Then OhMiBod's Lovelife Adventure vibe wandered into my life – and let's say that I'll never again think of curved toys like this one as for vaginas only.

At first glance, the Lovelife Adventure looks like a pretty run of the mill dual stimulation vibrator. There's a chunky, curved prong (for internal use), plus two little nubs for external stimulation, with all three points powered by their own individual motor. If you're using this toy vaginally, the nubs stimulate the clitoris and the outside of the anus; if it's prostate pleasure you're pursuing, they offer up some vibration to the perineum (also known as the taint) and then more of the butt (you can never have too much butt pleasure).

I decided to test out the Lovelife Adventure's pussy pleasuring power first. As an experienced toy reviewer, I have a pretty good idea of what sort of competition the Lovelife Adventure was up against. If it couldn't hold a candle to other g-spot toys on the market, I figured it probably wasn't worth testing as a prostate pleasure device, either. Secondly, I was a little skeeved out by the idea of going from back to front – though the toy's silicone exterior is sterilizable, saving the butt for last just seemed safer.

My initial impression of the Lovelife Adventure was lukewarm, but as things started to get hot and heavy, I found myself much more into my new little friend. Though I did wish that the clitoral nub hit a centimeter or so higher (always a risk with fixed position toys that can't conform to different body types), the intensity of three separate motors all operating in surround sound was enough to win me over. The Lovelife Adventure is by no means perfect (the button interface leaves quite a bit to be desired, and turning the toy on and off via the toggle button is totally unintuitive) but it was definitely enough to give me a memorable orgasm, which, at the end of the day, is all a good vibrator really needs to do.

And then I tested it out as a prostate toy, and that's when things got really interesting.

I should note that my test subject was a prostate owner (aka a man) who enjoys both anal stimulation and vibration, but had never tried vibration on the prostate itself; making his experience a review of both the Lovelife Adventure itself and the whole concept of prostate vibration. To cut to the chase: both received his enthusiastic approval. In our post-test debriefing session, he reported that, though he was initially nervous about the experience, he was pleasantly surprised by the toy. "After I found out the vibration wouldn’t hurt, I felt bolder," he told me. Though he was less impressed by the multiple points of vibration than I was ("I’ve never derived much pleasure from my taint to be honest"), he did agree that it would be nice if all three points could be independently adjusted. All told, he was pretty excited by the idea of giving the Lovelife Adventure another go.

There may be a lesson here about how those of us with vaginas and those of us with prostates aren't nearly as different as we've been led to believe. There may also be a lesson about how flipping the script and trying out something unfamiliar can lead to some pretty amazing experiences. My main take away, though, is that the Lovelife Adventure is a delightful toy to play around with – and that I should definitely try using my g-spot toys as prostate stimulators a whole lot more often.

Image via OhMiBod