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This Congregation Celebrates Jesus Completely Nude

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This Congregation Celebrates Jesus Completely Nude

A church bares all as the pray to a high power.

By. Leigh Lumford

"And the man and his wife were both naked and were not ashamed," so says Genesis 2:25. A small chapel in rural Virginia takes this sentiment literally by worshipping in the nude. The small congregation is encouraged to worship in as little or as many garments as they desire. The burly preacher stands at the pulpit completely in the buff.

In a local TV news report, the reporter warns viewers of the impending genitals even though all of the salacious body parts are blurred out. I wish my time spent working for a New York TV station had included this kind of exposé. Some White Tail Chapel parishioners are completely nude, others topless, and other bottomless. I mean, it is February.

Initially my reaction was to find the report humorous, which it is, but I think their message is valuable too. "There's not a feeling you have to better than one another physically," says pastor Allen Parker, "We're humans, we have scars, we have what we have. It's learning to love and accept that."

Robert Church is a parishioner at the White Tail Chapel where he met his wife. The two of them were open to being interviewed on camera and expressed the sense of community they feel within the non-traditional church.

The church avoids community blow-back because it shares property with the White Tail Nudist Resort. During the summer months the church has full attendance and more than 10,000 people visited the resort in 2013.

Even though Adam and Eve clothed themselves in shame, White Tail Chapel will continue to let their god-given parts blow freely in the breeze.

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