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Hawaii Is Defending Letting Cops Sleep with Prostitutes on the Job

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An old law is thankfully falling on hard times. 

In Hawaii, undercover police officers are permitted to sleep with prostitutes while on the job. The conduct falls under an exemption in state law that was put in place to help ensure officer's cover, as reported by NBC-WRCB. Concerned that the exemption encourages misconduct among the police force, police officers and sex trafficking activists alike are fighting for policy change. And then everyone cheered. 

The "experts," police spokespeople, and government are all putting in their two cents about the issue, but it seems no one is asking the prostitutes  — because no one ever asks the prostitutes. Of course, a cop halting an investigation to reveal his identity to ask a prostitute for permission to fake purchase her services would put a bump in the whole "undercover" thing. Even if he's pretend buying a prostitute under his assumed identity, he's still definitely having real sex, which is a no-no for any workplace. The talking heads are still talking, but it seems like this exemption is on the way out. I bet there will be far fewer volunteers for undercover duty in the Honolulu precincts.

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