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Here Are 35 Better Flavors For Condoms Than Weed

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Here Are 35 Better Flavors For Condoms Than Weed

Sriracha. Sugar cookie. Sandwich. Anything.

By Rachel Sugar

Thanks to the good folks at Multihigh, we can now buy weed-flavored condoms. According to the online marijuana accessory shop, Cannadoms, as they’re called, are both prophylactically useful and “a fun talking point.” Also, they makes sense, because the delicious flavor of pot is the whole reason people smoke it. Just kidding! That is not true. Weed is a terrible condom flavor. Weed is a terrible condom flavor even if you really like weed. It is, probably, the worst possible condom flavor, except for bong water and maybe excrement. Here are 35 preferable options for more delicious penis-coverings:

1. Sugar cookie

2. Sandwich 

3. Sriracha

4. Garlic bread

5. Chipotle lime

6. Fresh-cut grass

7. Pinot grigio

8. Pinot noir

9. Nyquil

10. Dayquil

11. Chicken Tikka Masala

12. Popcorn

13. Ludens Wild Cherry Cough Drops

14. Actual weeds

15. Hummus

16. Fruit roll up

17. Semen

18. Milk

19. Whiskey

20. Chocolate milk

21. Spearmint

22. Strawberry milk

23. Toothpaste

24. Sour cream and onion

25. Lavender

26. Lavender-scented laundry detergent

27. Natural penis

28. Creamsicle

29. Bundt cake

30. Rose petals

31. Scrambled eggs

32. Ramen noodle spice packet

33. Olive oil

34. Balsamic

35. Tears


[h/t Incredible Things]