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Hilariously Awkward GIFS from the Most Popular Celebrity Sex Tapes

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That's not hot.

It feels like each month, a new D-list celebrity is caught up in a sex tape scandal, vying for the media to respect their privacy while their attorneys work out proper royalty deals. Years before her family raked in millions, a young Kim Kardashian filmed a now infamous rendezvous with her then boyfriend Ray-J.

While the tape is an embarrassing display of sweaty grinding and raunchy hotel hang-out time, the two are both still cashing in royalties from the cocktease. The singer, and brother of Brandi, is reportedly receiving around $10,000 a month. That's right, $10K for hours of agonizing licking and make up applications. So the geniuses over at Famously decided to dig up the 15 most awkward moments from the most popular celebrity sex tapes. Here are some of our favorites. (NSFW)

Ray-J gets in a few practice pumps. 

Tommy Lee shows off his neon banana hammock to Pamela Anderson

Paris Hilton Casually Smokes a Tampon

Ray-J and Kim Continue to Ruin Lips, Also Kissing

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