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Holiday Gift Guide: The Perfect Sex Toys for You and Your Partner

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If Santa doesn't come, at least you will.

I think we can all agree that the most important aspect of the holiday season is to spend time close to the ones you love. What better way to get closer than to gift your significant other with a little something you can both enjoy in the buff? Whether it's rotating, buzzing, or squeezing, there is something in Nerve's guide for every kind of couple at any speed in their relationship. Curated with help from our friends at Babeland and Jimmyjane.


Lelo IDA – $199


Perfect for: Couples who don't want to take the intimacy out of their sex toys.

Touted as the world's first vibrating and rotating couples' massager, this vibrator has a lot to live up to. This is a sex toy designed for women to actually wear during sex! It rotates inside of her and also produces powerful external vibrations. The toy is is made of washable, smooth silicone and boasts eight modes of stimulation, including two  that are motion sensitive. It even has wireless remote controls (in case you wondered how you were going to get your hands in on the action). IDA promises to feel just as good for men as it does for women. Watch the video linked above and just see what kind of possibilities this double-hitter can create. 


HELLO TOUCH Wearable Vibrator – $65

Perfect for: The old-fashioned touchy-feely types.

Taking a page from the historical Oster Stim-u-lax, this item looks like a cross between an iPod and a barber's massager. The whole idea behind the HELLO TOUCH was to get back to the natural touch in sex toys. The wristband holds a power pack that fuels the fingertip vibrators, which are extra thin and mobile. If your partner has problems introducing sex toys into the bedroom because it feels like a threat to their skills, the HELLO TOUCH is a great option, since its still their fingers doing all the work. 

You can touch, tickle, pinch, and squeeze while moving the vibration in precise motions and patterns.  Make foreplay about ten times more intense.


G-Vibe – $99.99


Perfect for: An adaptable, adventurous couple with a knack for foreplay.

By providing simultaneous stimulation of two sides of the vagina, the double pronged shape of the G-Vibe is probably its most unique quality. Some of the best sex toys are those that are unisex, and although G-Vibe is aimed at women, it fits the bill for ladies and gents alike. USB rechargeable double pronged, it's made from hypoallergenic medical silicone and equipped with two vibrating motors and six speed settings. The G-Vibe has an adaptable shape for all women with flexibility. In fact, it was specifically designed by inventor Jack Romanski for the individuality of the female form. If the bizarre shape of the sex toy is confusing you, here are a few ideas of the many, many fun ways to play with it: Hitting the G-spot and the opposite side of the vagina, two sides of the clit, around the penis, under the testicles, on the perineum and vagina and on the nipples. A friend of blow jobs. 


FORM 2 Waterproof Rechargeable Vibrator -$145

Perfect for: The ultimate clit lover.

If you're looking for the strongest clitoral stimulation on the market, look no further. The FORM 2 takes the best part from the famous Rabbit model -the ears- and isolates the power into one toy that can be used not only alone, but during sex. With a motor in each ear, the clit gets pleasure not by direct stimulation, but by being surrounded in vibration. And it's waterproof, rechargeable, and boasts four different vibration modes and five power levels. Get one for your favorite vagina.


FORM 3 Waterproof Rechargeable Vibrator – $145 

Perfect for: The orally inclined couple.

Ideal for couples, the FORM 3 might not look like much at first, but its design is purposely discreet. The vibrator slips into the hand and you use the thin curve of it to direct vibration to your partner. The FORM 3 is for those that like a more subdued, soft vibration compared to that of toys meant for high-motored clitoral stimulation. The flexibility of the vibrator and its unique tip allows your partner to gently stroke the clit and imitate oral sex. Think of the possibilities during intercourse.


The Orgasm in a Box For Him & Her – $20

Perfect for: Sex toy novices who don't know what they like yet, so they're up for anything.

Who knew sex toys could get cutesy? Coming in his and hers options, Babeland's Orgasm in a Box is like a sex toy gift basket for shoppers with absolutely no clue about vibrators. Hers has a bullet vibrator with an attachment, batteries, and lube. His comes with has a Tenga Egg penis sleeve that is soft and reusable, vibrating ring that works for both partners, and lube. It's the biggest no-brainer and it's the cheapest on the list.


We-Vibe 4 -$159.99

Perfect for: Couple's who want to experience pleasure together.

The We-Vibe 4 is designed to be worn during sex so that the female partner can get extra stimulation on her clitoris and on her G-spot.  It's a great couples vibe because it features a smaller sized vibrator for greater comfort and space for the man. It's made from velvety soft material, has intense vibrations, and an easier to navigate remote control. Contouring to her body, the We-Vibe gives deep rumbling vibrations with 6 different vibration modes. With each thrust during sex, the movement puts more pressure on the vibrator to stimulate the elusive G-spot even more. The remote control even has an Echo vibe setting which alternates between clitoral and G-spot stimulation if you're into surprises.


Limon – $119

Perfect for: The couple who can be easily intimidated by sex toys.

Designed by sex toy purveyors Minna, the Limon uses pressure-responsive technology for a vibrator that is completely unique in its user experience. It fits comfortably in your hand. Why the citrus shape? To control the intensity of the vibrator, you just squeeze it.  No buttons or dials to slow up the works. The immediacy of the toy creates a kind of intimacy and closeness between a couple that a phallic shaped vibrator doesn't always provide. It uses a motor strength that is normally found in a vibrator twice its size. Which means, size isn't everything.  Its shape makes it perfect for couples and easy to introduce into lots of scenarios. It's not in the least bit scary. C'mon, it's just a fruit.


Adore Me Pleasure Set – $159

Perfect for: The couple headed for role playing and light kink.

The perfectly curated gift sex for couples looking for adventure. The silk and suede Sutra Chainlink cuffs are great for a couple looking to dip their toes into some restraint play. The Intima Silk blindfold can heighten anticipation and mystery during your play. Polish the night off with a seasonal red rechargeable Mia 2 vibrator.  The silken cuffed looked is classic, festive, and crazy hot.


Clone-a-Willy – $44.95


Perfect for: The couple who likes to laugh in bed. Long distance relationships with a sense of humor.

Alright, jokesters. Here's the sex toy for you. Make a rubber dildo modeled after you or your partner's penis  with this handy kit. Just insert your erection into the molding power, take off the mold, and pour in liquid rubber. In a day, you'll have a personalized replica that you can insert a bullet vibrator into for added pleasure. I'm including this one for basic novelty purposes, but wouldn't it be kind of nice to stare at your dude's cock twin when he's not around?


LELO BOB – $49

Perfect for: Couples with great assets and a playful nature.

What else could bring up the rear of a sex toy gift guide than a butt plug? The LELO BOB's "gentleman's plug" is made from body-safe silicone that's speicfically contoured for a man's body. Yes, that's right, this toy is especially for the often looked-over fellas. The shape of BOB is made for the male G-spot (which, if you're not up on your anatomy, is the prostate). Its silky and unassuming design is great for butt play novices. But this gift requires a partner present: don't forget the lube!