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25 Photos of Incredibly Hot Guys Drinking Beer

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Bottoms up.

The most masculine figures in our shared pop culture subconscious are connected by a single common denominator: love for beer. Like Mr. Roseanne, Dan Connor, who couldn't teach his kids (or us) a life lesson without popping open a can of Red Light. Or the casts of shows like Cheers and King of the Hill, who showed us that men can't properly bond with one another without the world's most widely consumed alcoholic beverage. And while you still might have nightmares from your college days, where bros would tip a keg only to result in foolish acts of violence and yellowish liquid stains on their frat tees, there has always been and for ever will be something so sexy about a man drinking a bottle of beer.

Elvis Di Fazio, a self-proclaimed smutographer, is known for taking sexually amped photos of men and women who find themselves in all kinds of sexually raunchy scenarios. We featured his steamy series on car sex and while patrolling through his ample archive we noticed the dozens of ridiculously hot men guzzling on some brotastic brewskis. They were honestly too sexy not to share, so we set on on the grueling (i.e. marvelous) task to round up all of these macho beer shots in one place. You're welcome.

Take a look at some of the provocative ale drinking dudes below. 

Images via Elvis Di Fazio