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How 7 Different Universities Get Randy for ‘Sex Week’

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Putting the cum in commencement.

Every college has dorms, crappy food, and keg parties. But it seems like these days they all have something else: sex week. Sex Week is an incredibly vague term for the events that universities host that revolve around, duh, all things sexy. The University of Tennessee is doing it's second annual sex week and it's not the only school in America that is putting the cum in commencement. Yale, Brown, and Northwestern are all among a short list of schools that have turned on the sex appeal, at least for a week.

The University of Tennessee

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UT has decided to continue Sex Week from last year, to the tune of $20,000. With seminars on how to have a better orgasm and an aphrodisiac cooking class aptly being called "My Milkshake Brings All the Boys to the Yard," students will pay a $75 fee a semester to cover the cost. Last year, they had a workshop on oral sex called "How Many Licks Does It Take," which is so clever it hurts.


Home to the first ever Sex Week, Yale's events have been an issue of contention, with the events ending up being banned in 2011. It seems to have survived the waves of reports of "incest and prostitution" and complaints that everything was built on porn, which haven't hindered the success of Yale's Sex Week in the eyes of the liberated students.


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It seems that Northwestern takes a more "mature" approach to Sex Week, taking away all the punny seminar titles and shock-value speakers, and adds in a sense of education. With a body-positive Burlesque show, a drag queen make-up tutorial, and discussions that take on sexuality and religion, Northwestern focuses more on knowledgeable content than beating you over the head with sexual innuendos – or dildos.

University of Toronto

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The Sexual Education Center of the University of Toronto decided to shake things up a bit, with a field trip to a sex club. According to Dylan Towers, a member of the SEC, going to Oasis Aqualounge has created "a shift towards sex positivity," and "has created a more open interpretation of relationships allowing people to express their interests more openly to their partner(s). " This year, they also hosted a free handjob workshop.


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Brown, along with Northwestern, uses Sex Week as an educational tool, with its focus on being sexual knowledge to those with open minds. Workshops like "The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure" and "Communication and Consent" allow students to really take a look at what they thought they knew about sex and helps educate them on things they didn't.


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With 2012 being the university's first year that included a Sex Week, this year's schedule includes a variety of workshops and lectures that span the sexuality spectrum. Lectures titled "Feel the Good Vibrations" and "#FutureSex: How technology will change your sex life" attempt to give a look at what sex will look like with the addition of toys and technology, and "Romance on the Rocks: A Workshop on Alcohol and Consent" looks at how alcohol influences the sex we have.

University of Chicago

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With over 40 events to choose from, University of Chicago seems to have cracked the code on how to take Sex Week from controversy to conversation starter. Taking on the Millennials with "Sex and the Soul: Putting Meaning Back into Intimacy for the Hookup Generation," and "The Piracy of Sex", UChicago's sex week evolves with its students. This year also includes a seminars on rope techniques for couples interested in BDSM and a lecture on dirty talking, UChicago's Sex Week encompasses anything you've ever wanted to know about sex, and more.

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