I Did It For Science: Foot Fetish

I never found my feet sexy. Would that make it easier to sell them on Craigslist?

Guy Bourdin

Guy Bourdin

By Tabitha Thatcher


A lot of men like women's feet. Some men are obsessed with women's feet, and will happily do most anything to have some quality alone-time with them. I am a woman and have feet; ergo, I should be able to profit from them.

The idea of a foot fetish has always been funny to me. I can understand a boob man, a butt man, a leg man, but a foot man? It's always seemed like some kind of Benny Hill conceit. Anything but sexy.

And because it seemed so silly, so innocuous to me, I reasoned, doing it wouldn't feel anything like prostitution. Would I really be able to make money from just letting a guy touch my feet? And would I come to find feet sexy, as well?


• feet (pedicured)
• a variety of stinky shoes and stockings
• the internet
• fake name/e-mail account
• gay neighbor to monitor my safety and babysit my dog
• bottle of wine for said gay neighbor


Because feet are so inherently unsexy to me, I had to do some research. A quick perusal of Craigslist revealed something of a conundrum: the preferred foot type seemed to be well pedicured — but smelly. Stinky shoes and socks, it seems, also figured prominently. I glanced at my nearly destroyed Ugg boots, moldering by the front door. Stinky shoes, check.

I contemplated my feet, trying to see them as a potential client might. I snapped a picture with my phone and considered it objectively. Not too cute. So I was looking at having to spend a little cash upfront to get a professional pedicure. And since I was getting a pedicure, I might as well get a manicure, right? So I was fifty dollars down before I even began, but now I was even more determined to see this through.

Lastly, I wanted to ensure my safety and to find a sitter for my dog. I know it sounds silly, but he's like my kid, and I couldn't bear to think of his big, brown, innocent eyes watching some weirdo lick my feet. My gay next-door neighbor seemed the perfect choice on both accounts. I knew him well enough to know that 1.) he had the requisite blasé attitude toward casual and/or deviant sexual exploits 2.) his dog and my dog were good friends 3.) he worked at home and so was there during the day, and that was when I planned to schedule appointments.

The evening before I planned to post my own ad, I took a bottle of wine to the neighbor's apartment (now I'm down another $10), and after a couple of glasses, I broached the subject with him. Far from being shocked, he was eager to share his own Craigslist exploits, sassily: "Girl, we've all been there. I'm not above letting a guy suck my dick for 400 bucks every now and then. I think you should have men worship your feet. Why the hell not? Now, let me look at those tootsies. Let's see what you're selling, sister."

As we finished the bottle of wine, he took pictures of my feet and we composed my ad.

"Like pretty feet? High heels? Ugg boots? I've got this fresh pedicure, and no one to enjoy it..."

And that was all it took. The responses were coming in fast and furious. By the time we'd finished the second bottle, I had arranged for a guy named Mark to come over the next day. And he was bringing cream puffs because, it seemed, he wanted me to step in them while wearing stilettos, after which he would lick them off my shoes. He would stay no longer than half an hour, and for this he would "donate" seventy-five dollars to me.

"To Mark!" my neighbor and I toasted.


Mark arrived precisely on time, and was well-groomed and polite to the point of obsequiousness. He handed me the pink bakery box with a slight bow, and he addressed me as "ma'am."

"Where would you like me, ma'am?" he asked, as I took the box of little éclairs, so innocently waiting their fate, to the kitchen.

"Oh, wherever you like," I answered, and quickly sensed that my answer disappointed him. He perched on the edge of the couch nervously, and something in his demeanor provoked me to chastise him: "Not on the furniture, boy!"

"Yes, Ma'am!" This seemed to please him no end, and he cheerfully sat on the floor, unable to suppress a wide grin.

"What the hell are you so happy about?" And where the hell was this coming from? My inner bitch was asserting herself as if she'd been beckoned — and maybe she had been? Was this Mark character somehow in contact with said inner bitch in a way I wasn't?

"Nothing, ma'am. I'm sorry." He tried to stifle his smile as I settled into the couch so that he was more or less at my feet — my aching feet, in their ridiculous black patent stilettos that I bought on a whim and never wore.

"I was just wondering if you'd ever done this before, ma'am." Now, this gave me pause. Obviously, he had my number.

"What the hell business of that is yours?" I tried to act outraged, but could barely stop myself from laughing. I nudged him in the chest with my pointy toe. "I asked you a question, boy."

"It's not. It's none of my business, ma'am. I'm sorry."

"Damn right, it's none of your business."

Commentarium (58 Comments)

Dec 27 10 - 2:27am

So THAT's how Grandma got those Stilettos from Goodwill.

Dec 17 11 - 5:44pm
mr t

it was not for her. she was smart and kind of knew what to do but the woman did not quite
have enough bitch in her. also she just did not like it, most foot doms do not allow any sex there with them at all, so she is wrong about that. foot doms love the power over men
she could cars less about that. a real foot dom can charge 125 or more. AND honey,
your feet are just average, sorry to tell you,

Mar 02 12 - 6:20am

Thank you! I disagree in one respect, they're below average. Even with a pedicure I wouldn't like them.

Dec 27 10 - 3:19am

It's kind of a dickish thing to put yourself out there for these people with this particular fetish and then be disgusted with them for actually getting turned on by it. Like you expected foot fetishes to be all about cute toes and shoes, nothing more.

Mar 11 12 - 4:09pm

im with the whole being ignorant to exploit someones sexual weakness for your own monetary gain and then say its something that disgusts you. id never pay for feet fun i get that for free n i def wouldnt suck those veiny toes in that pic. but im superficial. however i do have trampling and bb(ballbusting) fetishes that i have paid for, but most paid sessions were recorded so i could turn a profit and i never go to the chicks. they come to me. cuz they want the money. n no girl has done just one session. most enjoy it. n if they don't thats fine. but if one were to put a internet blog up about how weird and nasty it was to dominate me id simply say to them this. "what does that say about you that its something youd never even entertain doin yet for a quick buck your all about it?" cough-HOOKER-cough.

Dec 27 10 - 4:33am

This just seems fake, even if it wasn't. What a waste.

Dec 27 10 - 11:31am

This author hardly seems a prude. This was very legitimate social science. From everything I can tell from the article, she went in with an open mind and wanted to chronicle her experience accurately. She tried it and did not like it. Sometimes hypotheses are rejected. Sometimes experiments work out differently than we wish they had. I admire her frankness, her honesty.

Mar 02 12 - 6:56am

PLEASE! This was hardly scientific research and she did not have an open mind at all!

Dec 27 10 - 12:14pm

"It's kind of a dickish thing to put yourself out there for these people with this particular fetish and then be disgusted with them"

I'm not understanding this comment. I can only imagine (and piece together from occasional conversations with sex-workers) that many people whose line of work involves satisfying fetishes must come to be disgusted with the fetish and the people who indulge in it. (Who doesn't complain about work, right?)

The reason there's money to be made in the sex industry is that people (okay, men, pretty much) are willing to pay big money to have people fulfill their kinks. Some of the kinks are not sexy to the people willing to perform them, but the service is sought and the demand is filled. Do you expect these willing entrepreneurs to turn off their humanity while people ask to be smashed in the face with high heels? That shit is funny. Or gross. Or whatever the woman (or man) doing it thinks it is.

Nerve asked this woman to share her experience and she did. I think it's naive to think that the woman you pay to stomp your face and tell you you're a bad boy is having tender feelings about the experience. The article captures that.

I think she seems disgusted mainly by the strangers' semen - and fair enough - but she doesn't become hateful toward the men. It isn't dickish just to BE disgusted unless you express your disgust. (Of course, some of the men seemed to want her to express the disgust.)

Her customer service seems perfectly respectful. She just realized it wasn't for her. Surely, most of us can relate to that.

Dec 27 10 - 1:49pm

I think it was completely inappropriate for her to post an ad to satisfy the fetishes of these men, then fail to allow them to follow through. If they wanted to just LOOK and not GET OFF, I imagine they would simply linger in the shoe department in the local Macy's. They answered an ad, paid her money, then were left with blue balls. Goodness, it's just semen. I am sure there could be rules established so as not to spew forth semen all over her furniture and lampshades, but they should have gotten what they came for.

Dec 27 10 - 1:54pm

It doesn't seem to me like she misrepresented herself. If the deal was -- come over, look at my feet, leave -- it's pretty dickish for the guy to expect he can just whip it out. Still, I really enjoyed this!

Dec 27 10 - 5:03pm

I think this writer was very brave. She had a scientific curiousity and satisfied it. As for the "following through" - her inexperience was plainly known by the first "client" so her unwillingness to let things fountain forth was completely understandable. The clients were not asked to do anything uncomfortable and she deserved the same courtesy. I worked at a theraputic massage spa and often screened calls. One caller in particular asked about smelling feet and I had absolutely no idea what went into that fetish but, I told him he was looking for a sensual massage, a service we did not offer or specialize in. I knew he found it erotic by his tone but he said "smell". There was nothing about stimulating things until eruptions occurred.
I understand that the nature of the business makes it impossible for someone to say exactly what they are interested in but in that same vein others shouldn't be surprised when misunderstandings arise from vague descriptions of said fetish.
Very well written Tabitha! And kudo's to you for venturing forth and educating the rest of us :)

Dec 27 10 - 8:57pm

There are certain fetishes and kinks that I find a bit odd personally (Feet and Furries, mostly), but it's always interesting to see a different vantage point for those things "I just don't get". Great article!

Dec 27 10 - 9:21pm

@fahrmaiden . . . actually, it's really common for professional fetish sessions to *not* involve sexual contact. Most dominatrices make it very clear that "full release" is not part of the session. Doesn't mean that clients don't ask or try to negotiate more, or that some pro dommes don't also engage in more traditional prostitution, but it's not expected. Why? Dunno, really. My assumption is that it's because many hardcore fetishists are so happy to have their primary need met that they're willing if not always thrilled to follow the ground rules. Also, orgasm denial is a really common fetish, so for some folks, those blue balls are part of what they're paying for. Just fyi.

Dec 27 10 - 10:03pm

Sometimes I feel disappointed that I don't seem to have any of these extreme fetishes. These guys will go to such great lengths to get their fetish dream realized, it must be great for them to finally achieve what they're been imagining for so long. I just wanna have sex with a hot chick, which isn't that hard to pull off ya know?

Dec 28 10 - 1:42am

I am SO GLAD that this feature is back!!

Dec 28 10 - 10:30am

Interesting article, however for somebody that writes in Nerve she has a very close mind. Sentences such as "watching some weirdo lick my feet" and "deviant sexual exploits " doesn't show the openness and sexual acceptance that Nerve promotes so much. While Savage Love and Miss Information work week to make people accept all expressions of sexuality as normal and not as something to be ashamed of it comes as a shock that just a few links apart Ms. Thatcher (who probably has her own kinks) puts down guys that get off on feet even though she doesn't have a problem getting money from them. I can only hope that whoever dates Ms Thatcher doesn't find whatever excites her worthy of calling her weirdo or deviant.

Dec 28 10 - 11:17am

I'm with KT! This was a good first attempt, but I'm just really excited to see this feature back again! Maybe it won't take a random 2 year hiatus this time around.

Dec 28 10 - 3:13pm

I masturbated at the Bronx Zoo. Can I have a column please? I'm so horny. Answer: A rhino.

Dec 28 10 - 9:51pm
Gonzo Wannabe

$75 seems like a very low price. If that butt-up-in-black photo is accurate, she could have charged enough for her neighbor to enjoy some great wines. As a swinger myself, I would like to see some scientific reports on visits to swing clubs. Orgy -- that is my fetish. And it is not expensive if you are female, or a male with a willing partner.

Dec 29 10 - 11:18am

This is almost cruel. You decide that foot fetishes are deviant and disgusting then set out to prove it by mocking the men who you invite in to play with your feet. And then you are extra disgusted when they want to cum. It's a sexual fetish, for god's sake! I thouught the whole idea of this column is to learn something new--

Dec 31 10 - 10:28pm

Usually, the I-did-it-for-science editions are a lot of fun to read. This one was blah. I'd have expected some honest curiosity to explore the fetish. Talk to some people who like it and why. Find, if you can relate to what people admire about it.

This article simply started to say that foot fetish is disgusting and finished with it as well. Nerve is usually open minded and pokes fun at things.

Feb 14 12 - 4:50am

i am looking for single women for a footfetish and to get laid with them

Jan 07 11 - 2:15am

If the guy was really into the dom/sub shit, he shouldn't necessarily expect to ejaculate. What presumption!

Jan 08 11 - 3:27pm

I also don't think she was against the fact that it turned them on...but just didn't want dudes masturbating in her apartment while she sat around watching/waiting. I totally get that.

Jan 12 11 - 1:46am

Moral of the story: Whoring ain't easy, LOL!

Jan 12 11 - 2:25am

The author reminds us that her neighbor is gay like, three times before actually getting around to describing him. Maybe just call him your neighbor, and let us figure out he's gay when he talks about the $400 blowjobs?

Jan 12 11 - 1:24pm

What is usually ignored, as I have found out, is that many females also have a foot fetish. Many keep their feet nice, as well as their hands as a mere matter of good personal grooming. However, it is no secret that most females love shoes. So its just natural that they notice each other's cute shoes, and by proxy, each other's feet. But recently, I had the nice surprise of getting back together with a childhood girlfriend. While showing no lesbian tendencies whatsoever, I did notice she notices and loves to look at other girls' feet. This lead up to me letting her know it was not creepy, and didnt bother me at all. After this she wanted to kiss my feet and suck on my toes. I actually liked it! She even asked to paint my toes all in good fun. Which i let her. After this, she gets very turned on. And in the end i reap the very good benefits of letting her fulfill her fantasy. Because, in the end, where is the harm in pleasing someone you love?

Aug 15 12 - 6:32am

Wow, that is so hot! You are a Doll :)

Jun 16 11 - 3:11am

If I was this Mark Guy (or any other of your customers), I would have demanded my money back! I do have a foot fetish but am not into foot jobs. I enjoy just massaging feet, sniffing, toe sucking and nibbling. I find it offensive that you would charge money and let someone come over and play with your feet and treat them like trash because you have a personal dislike towards people who are into feet! When someone finds an ad from a person on craigslist, backpage, etc who is advertising their feet, people with a fetish assume you are open minded and meeting up with you would be a complete shock when you start treating them like crap. I admit that I have paid women to rub their feet, suck on their toe's, paint their toenails, etc but these were women were open minded and enjoyed it. Some have been curious but willing to give it a try without ridiculing me. Some who were curious started to find having their feet worshiped felt great! I've also had a woman pay me to "worship" her feet and paint her toenails. Do you think she would have been happy if I came to her place and treated her like crap then demanded payment anyway despite treating her like crap. She had low self-esteem and a hard time finding guys. She also liked to have her feet worshiped but felt self conscious about her feet and that men would find it creepy if she told them she wanted them to worship her feet. She found out I like worshiping feet and offered to pay me. I felt guilty with how much she offered to pay me and told her I would do it for a fraction of what she was offering. I couldn't live with myself if I took all the money that she offered and started insulting her for liking her feet worshiped. She is a very nice woman and I have worshiped her feet on numerous occasions and she is always thankful especially since I am not doing it strictly for the money and she appreciates this.

Aug 25 11 - 2:46pm

So a person with no experience with (or even any understanding of) something tends to fail at it? How incredibly illuminating! Maybe a better question for her to answer is why it's OK to treat straight guys who like feet as subhuman freaks to be exploited for cash, laughs, and pen fodder while her gay neighbor is to be treated as being completely normal, his sexual proclivities above criticism and ridicule.

Bigots like her make me sick. Thank god that most of the women in my life have loved me just as I am, foot fetish and all. To think that some guys are still so afraid that they would allow themselves to be financially exploited so egregiously makes me very sad. Hopefully someday men of the world will stop being afraid and accept their fetish proudly and their women can finally learn that at the heart of a man's need to kiss a woman's foot is the desire to show her how much she is cherished and adored and that every part of her is beautiful. It's a grand romantic gesture, yet somehow society twisted it into something shameful.

Sep 01 11 - 9:36am
xenical prix

And learn means world Chinese of learning is full of of this labor all. dont as meridian different if the through of on. When is insertion needles pre and.

Sep 27 11 - 12:22pm
feet lover

im a man with a foot fetish, and i think this article is disrespectful for we "the foot lovers'
to be a foot lover (to suck,lick,smell, footjob) is nothing to be a shame of, not only that but a think is something so sexy and personaly that turns me on, and i think women should like that too

Oct 27 11 - 8:19pm

Funny... I can kind of identify with this post, whether it's made up or not. I've thought about using CL to do stuff like this...
"I am a woman and have feet; ergo, I should be able to profit from them." This kind of may seem exploitative but I can totally understand the feeling. It's curiosity, but also wondering if you can make money through some way that might not have occurred to you.
I would possibly do something like this, since it's kind of interesting, you could get paid, and also make people...happy in a way?
Only thing is, it seems potentially dangerous, and i personally am socially awkward so could never really do it, and wouldn't really know how to go about it. Also I could never have that dominatrix attitude that would probably be desired. =/ And of course it would be rather awkward to ask someone to pay in order to fulfill a fetish...

Aside from that, I can see how in the story she might seem a bit cruel but for me, it's not like to the point where she should be condemned. Basically some people who commented seem to be overreacting. And the "stifling a laugh" thing... i think it's that nervous laughter that comes easily when you don't exactly understand or like something but try it out anyway...and it's an awkward experience....
One last thing, I don't find feet sexy, nor am I one of those women with a great love for shoes, or pedicures/ painting nails, but I do admire them as practical, useful body parts. And human sexuality is interesting. Fetishes are interesting......

Dec 04 11 - 6:40pm
Mike D

Well hate to break it to you but you were a prostitute prostitutes probably find getting nailed by sweaty fat guys unsexy and disgusting too, doesn't mean they aren't prostitutes.

I love the fact that you are looking down on these men like you're so much better than them when chances are they have money and don't need to pay people to lick their feet to make a buck.

Dec 17 11 - 9:04pm
Mr. Grimm

Science? How can it be science when pre-judgement already existed in your mind? How could it be science when opinion served as the criteria for your research question?

That is not science, and you are just a bitch!

Mar 13 12 - 3:38pm


Aug 25 12 - 5:56pm

100% right, Mr. Grimm. She's a judgemental twat.

Jan 13 12 - 10:14pm

i love woman feet

Jan 25 12 - 10:49pm

If a man wants a woman to act like a bitch and deny him release, then she's just giving him what he wants...this woman picked up on what the man wanted once he was there without being completely prepared for it, so I commend her for playing along. But as a general rule, expectations should be laid out in the emailing process. For the angry men posting here who are ostracizing this woman simply because they don't personally like how things transpired, seriously...grow up. Every individual wants different things. A lot of men seeking out this kind of activity are submissive, and they are very happy to receive this kind of attention because they can't get it from anyone else under 'normal' circumstances. This woman's experiment was simply that...an experiment...and nothing to get angry over, fellas. She's not a bitch. She wasn't offering sex. The only fault I can find with her is the failure to do more research, but even then, if a woman isn't offering sex it's up to the man to understand that's not part of the deal and decide for himself if he wants to pursue it. Case closed.

Feb 25 12 - 9:58pm

women who profit from their feet are trash

Mar 02 12 - 6:49am

Took me a few minutes to understand why this story annoyed me, but I think I can articulate it now.

First of all, this isn't "a scientific curiosity" as some of you have put it. Her basic attitude is "I think foot fetishes are funny and weird. Let's see if I can make some money off of them." If you're just curious about them, why not post an ad asking if anyone would like to participate in an article about foot fetishes or something like that? If I'm answering an ad like the one she posted, I'm assuming she is into it in some way. (However, I would ask about the limits of the experience, such as whether I could release in some way, before I agreed to meet her. I don't fault her for that.) It's not a turn on for me if the woman really isn't into it or if the woman finds me weird or perverted because of my fetish. Trust me, we can sense how a woman feels in this situation.

Second of all, wanting to be dominated or humiliated is separate from having a foot fetish. There are plenty of guys without a foot fetish who like to be dominated or humiliated, and there are guys like me who have a foot fetish but don't want to be dominated or humiliated.

What annoys me about her is not her recount of her experiences, it's more her general tone that comes across in her writing. I don't feel like she's someone who wants to understand people like me. She just thinks we're weird and perverted and wanted to see if she could make some money off us. Even a prostitute or professional dominatrix gets some pleasure from helping someone explore something they can't explore with their significant other. I don't even see that kind of empathy from the author.

Mar 03 12 - 5:01pm
Foot worshiper

I have a foot fettish and also love humiliation from women. I would love a session with Tibatha and think it outragous other men expect release in front of the woman. Women are Goddesses and should be worshiped not jacked off in front of, that needs to be done later if the woman objects to it. Having my fettish laughed and giggled at and disapproved of while kissing the womans feet would enhance the experience for me. Being allowed to lick them and suck her toes would be a bonus if allowed but it is the womens feet and she should be in complete control of how I am allowed to worship them.
I agree with curious you are a woman and have feet why not profit from them, it is a sexual experience for me but need not be for you just make your feet available for kissing for money. Unfortunately Curious and Tibatha, reading some of the posts here it seems it would be hard to weed out these weidos posting here and find the true foot worshipers like me and so it may be a little dangerous to to set up a foot worshiping business.

Mar 25 12 - 8:54pm

Interesting article. I am a foot lover. A more specific term is a foot fetishist. We are a very diverse crowd. Some are into foot worship, foot jobs, object crushing and trampling. Other than having a fetish towards feet I don't think we all fit in a nice category. Domination and humiliation fall into a different categories and while some foot lovers enjoy this play, a good number do not. It is unfortunate that she found the experience disgusting. I think it can be different and unappealing to someone without being disgusting. A foot fetish can be a fun sensual experience but it helps to be open minded and uninhibited.

On a different note, an advertisement in craigslist or backpage indicating indulgence in a fetish act for renumeration usually indicates a happy ending if not addressed otherwise in the ad.

Apr 22 12 - 3:02pm

Foot Fetish.. kind of strange attraction.. I have been stop in the street several times by strangers... totally strangers... just to tell me that they like my feet.. MY FEET!
I never feel that I have nice feet so I has been wondering what it is that they like. It is not that my feet is feminine because is not. It is just slightly big.. 8.5.. it is not because I have small toes, because they are not. They are very neat and I keep it nice, but nothing special. It can't be because I have been wearing kinky shoes, because they have ask me about my feet when I am totally casual. They even have beg me and offer me money just to be able to touch my feet or to see it... barefoot no shoes. I have a guy that was with me at college that just call me to ask me about some class test, just to finish asking me if I was barefoot. I was to young to understand why he did it, but well now I know he was just a weirdo foot fetish. So what it is that they like, not sure. I look trough the foot fetish websites and all I see is just girls in underwear and somehow big shoes and long socks, and I am wondering how good their websites are doing, is that what foot fetishist like? Anyway, there was occasions in where I was tempted to accept the money I was in financial need, but I always thought that if I did accepted I was prostituting my feet, not sure now if that really matter at all.

May 15 12 - 3:25am

hiya i would like to add, ive been into foot fetish since a boy and found it in my profesional art work for a foot mag, years later ive met a mistress . she is expensive but one of the best . However she dose not have a guy cum and say he wants this and that. she is in charge all the time so it is aparent the guy dose as he is tolt and if he gets what he wants he is a lucky guy . thats the way of mistressis.

May 29 12 - 8:44am

I think she's full of shit....she probably likes it but because she is publishing this online, she is protecting herself from criticism. Yeah its real easy to say eww its gross and disgusting but if you think about it, eating pussy is worse because you are actually consuming bodily fluids which can lead to your DEATH. This bitch kind of needs to get off her pedestal. She likes it, but she found out she likes the fantasy more than she likes the reality, but yeah, most men won't go public with their foot fetish so don't expect this bitch too either. Especially not as a published work. There are a lot of girls who have foot fetishes just like guys do.

Jun 01 12 - 5:54pm

I feel really alienated here. I'd kill (not literally, though I'd most certainly pay) to get my hands on a girl's feet, just to rub them, maybe, at the most extreme, some kissing or toe sucking, in a casual setting - and can't. It really unnerves me to live in a space where I'd pay more, to do less, and can't, let alone hear stories of people collecting relatively negative experiences on the whole thing.

She'd have to enjoy it though. I couldn't really tolerate the notion that she's just being inconvenienced to indulge my sexual desires...even if I'm paying. Fml.

Jun 27 12 - 4:12am

I just let a guy massage, kiss and lick my feet. I was curious what a fetishist experiences when worshiping feet. It was extremely intense and until the average human can see first hand they should stay silent. I have never seen anyone get so much pure pleasure out of interacting with 1 body part. It was totally erotic how involved and focused he was. I left thinking "I wish I had a fetish!"

Jun 28 12 - 1:23pm

Well lookie here... The things dames are doing to try to get money these days.

I am a lover of feet myself and this is what I have to say on behalf.
Why pay for something when you can get it by other means? Like speech craft? Or just even compliments and sheer open mindedness?
Anyone who charges money for any sexual relief to the point of sexual climax is indeed prostitution. So this blogger is in the clear with that one.

Jun 29 12 - 9:35am

Science? Ha! Now that's funny. It's doubtful that this article is even real. However, if it is, enough thinking people have already pointed out how the author set out with a bias that kept her from reaching any sort of legitimate conclusion.

On a different note, I continue to be irritated by people who do not understand that enjoying pedicures, nice shoes and feet-related compliments does NOT mean a woman has a foot fetish!

Jun 30 12 - 5:14pm

Seriosly..this happened to me today. In my ignorance I le t a stranger rub my feet, believing him to be a reflexologist.Within a half hour he had my foot..toes an all in his mouth..I was stunned ..shocked an frozen. We were in a public shopping complex...this stuff isn't funny..these people are really an like anyone other such extreme desires..probably need help..you can't just go round sucking strangers toes..an thinking that &@it is okay. Foot Rape...

Jul 01 12 - 3:55pm

Now that is very interesting, sad in a way as well as you were left feeling violated, and although I can't say for certain if this particular indivdual needs to seek professional help or not, I would say that he is rather bold and even desperate to a point of doing this and in a public place. It is my experience that anyone will go to any lengths to get what they want, and can't have, done it myself, and what a rush it was. He obviously has a foot fetish but violated your trust and that of the idea that he was just there as a reflexoligist. He will do it again, until he gets kicked in the mouth and has a few teeth knocked out, which is his just deserving for that stunt. I am a foot fetishist myself and love female feet, but always, ALWAYS, let the other person know of my intent, that way they have the opportunity to simply say "Ok" or "No thank you." I'd rather be upfront about what I am going to do than try and lie about it or try and get away with something. I'm sure that that was a total shock to you and totally unexpected, so I can sympathize with your anger but also tell you that you should have probably called the police and atleast made a report about it, because if he got away once, he will try and get away with it again, but in that manner and fashion is just not right, and falsifying what he actaully does. Hope that you didn't pay him for the session...

Jul 04 12 - 6:25am
Love toe rings

I love dark toe polish, short nails and silver toe rings
Often the best place is a strip club
Strippers are open minded and will let you enjoy yourselves.
Also singles dances, especially older crowds will have lots of single ladies who will love the indulgences you offer
Have fun!

Jul 06 12 - 12:03pm
No stinky feet

I think when I look at a woman I look at everything her feet her ass her boobs her smiles I look her up and down . dirty feet anything that stinks is a big turn off I like a woman that smells nice some woman like to make fun of a man for thinking her feet are sexy I find that very weird they should be flattered however a man who likes to be made fun of humiliated is a man who needs mental help. but there is not one dam thing wrong with a man thinking a woman's feet are sexy that's normal were suppose to feel that way I can't tell you how many times woman have ask me do you think my feet are sexy or I just painted my toes do you like them so "wtf" is the deal whats the big taboo if I kiss your feet honey its a big" big" compliment you better enjoy it while you can cause we all grow old one day no one is going to want too kiss those crinkle toes:)

Jul 28 12 - 8:13pm

WTF were you thinking? You invited a weirdo from CL over to your house? You're lucky you're not carved up into little pieces ....

Aug 09 12 - 2:30am

Some women find terrible pale actors pretending to be sappy depressed pseudo vampires to be sexy. And she's belittling people who have the most common fetish on the planet? She was looking for a quick buck. Nothing more. Nothing to do with science. The science angle is a sham just shady witless attempt to legitimize the article and justify her selling herself for a quick buck. If she was so interested in the "science" of it...try using Google. Not writing whiny self indulgent blather dressed up as research journalism. Of course if she won't belittle millions of men for having an attraction to a "different" part of the female anatomy I guess I shouldn't belittle her for a psychologically questionable reckless and failed foray into amateur prostitution.

Aug 09 12 - 2:36am

...let me add this: If you find someone who cares for you she / he won't mind exploring some things you may like that may not be considered mainstream. Don't pay for it. Save your money and enjoy sexual exploration with someone who is willing to go on that journey with you. No strings attached and without fear of ridicule in cyberspace.