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If You’re Home For The Holidays, You Probably Want to Hook Up With Your High School Sweetheart

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Everything is the same, give or take a few pounds.

If you're on the back of a Bonanza bus this afternoon headed towards your hometown, daydreaming about your mom's casserole, and wondering if there is any shot in hell you're going to get laid over the break, you probably are. A recent survey conducted by Plenty of Fish found that out of 9,000 singles, 41 percent of single women would hook up with their high school love over the holidays. Which is cool: No first-time jitters, a sense of familiarity, a seamless handjob-to-blowjob repertoire. Only, it's also not that cool: You're reliving a fantasy, things aren't as good as they were when you were 17, and there's a greater risk of awkward reunion run-ins if you both eventually have spouses.

Holidays are an easy access to these unrealized visionary romances, ones that we've seemingly been plotting from January-November with profuse amounts of social media stalking. Earlier this year, a different survey by Lovehoney reported that 64 percent of us have used Twitter or Facebook to check up on our first loves. Which means, try as we might, the names that used to adorn our Trapper Keepers are now ingrained in our ideas of what good love is. So we go back for more, until we realize, "Oh yeah, there was a reason why my orthodontia outlasted this relationship."

Just remember: if you thought doing it on the basement pull-out couch was kind of awkward as a junior, the level of discomfort only increases exponentially under the duress of alcohol and a master's degree.

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