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Is This a Bird or a Naked Woman?

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Natural beauty.

This looks like a simple picture of a parrot on a tree stump, but this parrot is no ordinary parrot. Unbelievably, this parrot is actually a naked woman exquisitely painted to look like a parrot on a tree stump. “Most people’s reactions are ‘nice photo of a parrot, where did you photograph it?” fine art body painter Johannes Stoetter tells Oddity Central

Stoetter ought to be used to it. One brushstroke at a time, the 2012 World Body Painting Champion has built a career transforming human figures into stunning images of the natural world: fruits, vegetables, trees, rocks, and wildlife. Each piece results  in an eerie, surreal, and breathtakingly beautiful shot. “I think and observe the world, nature, colors and shapes with very clear eyes and an open heart,” he says. And so he does. 

Check out some of the captivating paintings — and the equally captivating processes behind them — below.

[h/t My Modern Met]