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Check out the Australian Condom Ad That’s ‘Too Hot’ for YouTube?

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We've all been there. Watching the "You can skip to video in 5, 4, 3…" button on a YouTube video slowly counting down, your mouse hovering over it, waiting to click like you're defusing a bomb. Those videos drive tons of revenue for the video hosting site, but what would make YouTube decline to use one of those ads? Well, HERO Condoms found out.

With the tagline “Have Sex, Save a Life, Save the World”, the Australian startup company created this ad as a way to showcase what they're really selling: safe sex and the (charitable) gimmick that, for every condom sold in Australia, the company will donate one to developing countries. Hero's newest ad, featuring a choking victim in a restaurant asking for a doctor, but really getting a more intimate examination than she intended might take "Have Sex, Save a Life" a little too literally. 

Unfortunately for the Aussies, YouTube has clasped their top-button when it comes to the content of the ads that play before videos, and has decided not to seed the ad due to its "adult nature." This isn't the first time that an Australian condom company has been deemed "too sexy" for YouTube.

But in all honesty, I'd probably be more inclined to sit though this type of ad instead of listening to Dennis Haysbert try and sell me Allstate Insurance.