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James Deen’s Vines Are Weirder Than Yours

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From porn to angry plush puppies, Deen's Vines are mini masterpieces.

James Deen is one of the swelling numbers of porn stars to join Vine, the video microblogging social networking app. Deen is famous for the new woman-friendly brand of porn he represents — and for his more mainstream flick The Canyons, in theaters today. His character in The Canyons is probably pathological, but his Vines couldn't be cuter. Since he joined Vine in late May he's posted videos on topics including angry puppies, bathroom ephemera, and of course, sex.

Vine does not prohibit nudity, but it does make it difficult to search for it. In late January the then just-released app garnered controversy for featuring a video called "Dildoplay" on its homepage, which the editors later claimed was accidental. Vine has also instituted safety measures to keep people from accidentally finding porn. Videos that are flagged as inappropriate will display a warning message, and #sex and #xxx are no longer visible on the app's "Explore" tab. Vine's attempt to bury (thought not delete) its pornography parallels Tumblr's recent decision to bar "NSFW"-tagged blogs from being fully searchable, a source of considerable angst in the Tumblr community.

Though not all of Deen's Vine's are pornographic, many of them are. In one, Deen performs an app-induced "magic trick" by telekinetically removing a woman's clothes. (NSFW; click here to view.)

In another, he laments, "Pound puppies are assholes."

A third video features a set of frenzied cats, real and cartoon.

Here's a video in which he captures the experience of New York City at 2 AM.

In another, he pretends (poorly) to have a quick temper and reminds himself, "Don't fuck with guys named Shannon!"

We're impressed. Deens's most recent Vine was made 35 days ago. Now that he's done with The Canyons, we hope he resumes making the micro videos.