Love & Sex Fined $78K for Not Using Condoms

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They wish they'd simply wrapped it before they tapped it.

You can't say they didn't warn them. After Measure B's condom mandate was passed last year, it was pretty evident that policymakers in California were going after the porn industry, but more specifically, all of the pornmakers that were filming anal and vaginal sex scenes without their important latex costars.

San Franciscan BDSM production company,, was fined almost $80K earlier this week for their super lax condom use policy on porn sets. Charged by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation with unsafe work conditions, officials have stated that their "use them if you want to" policy puts performers at a dangerous risk for contracting STDs and AIDS. 

Mike Stabile, a spokesperson for Kink, has stated they are being targeted by a group that is against the porn industry in general. This isn't just a buttoned-up law to get condoms on more shlongs, but a "crusade on morality," he claims. But those on the side of the jimmy hat witch-hunt also have some pretty solid reasons to be so concerned. Both Cameron Bay and Rod Daily, Kink performers, tested positive for HIV in 2013, briefly halting the porn industry. If porn stars opted out of condom use on the set of Kink because their employer allowed that type of apathy, it's hard for the employer to deny the link between disease and practices. 

This isn't the first time Kink's more questionable business practices have raised an eyebrow. Just last year, CEO Peter Acworth was arrested for cocaine possession during a firearms search of the 200,000 square foot Armory where Kink videos are filmed. Acworth plans to appeal the fine of $78,000, and he very well might avoid footing the enormous bill. After all, Measure B's mandate only covers L.A. County, and Kink's dungeons reside in the cool, free-lovin' Mediterrean climate of golden San Francisco.

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