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Lance Stephenson Blowing on Things Other Than LeBron James (As Told in GIFs)

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Guys, he was just playing make believe. 

In last night's Game 5 of the Eastern Conference finals, Pacers guard Lance Stephenson participated in some pretty outlandish on-court interplay — namely, some blowing. Even the notorious "Flopper," a nickname given to NBA star LeBron James for his over reactions to hits and falls, stared in disbelief to the court side viewers and television cameras. After numerous bouts of intensive trash talking with LeBron, who sat on the bench for a majority of the second half due to five fouls, Stephenson sunk into a whole new level of crazy.

The loud-mouthed player entered a Miami Heat mini huddle, talking back to head coach Erik Spoelstra who was attempting to speak over Stephenson in order to call plays to his team. But arguably the biggest jaw-dropping moment happened in a pre-play split second when Stephenson leaned into LeBron and blew into his ear. The borderline-creepy interaction caused the Heat's superstar to giggle, not risking a sixth foul from a physical confrontation, which would have immediately resulted in his ejection from the game. In the end, Indiana won 93-90 over Miami and the two will meet again in Game 6 on Friday in Florida. 

The internet is going to be tough on the random actions of Lance Stephenson, but has anybody thought maybe his outlandish behavior was a result of some mental distractions? When you're up against the best player in the NBA it's important to take some time to visit your happy place. Let's take a second to think of all the things Lance was imagining he was blowing on, besides LeBron's ear. 


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