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Lena Dunham’s Tight Shots, Episode 1

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The hard-to-find comedy series from the creator of HBO's upcoming Girls.

You may have caught some of the buzz for Lena Dunham's upcoming HBO series, Girls, which premieres on April 15. Produced by Judd Apatow, Girls looks to be a corrective for some of the glib ideas about female sexuality promoted by Sex and the City2 Broke Girls, et al. But while the precocious Dunham is only twenty-five, she's actually been working on these themes for some time already. In 2007, Dunham created and starred in Tight Shots, an original Nerve video series about film students working on a project about the "budding sexuality" of a teenage girl in the Deep South. None of them have ever been to the South, but they do have some experience with budding sexuality — in the traditional fashion of art students everywhere, they're all sleeping with each other.

When Tight Shots originally ran, Virginia Heffernan reviewed it for The New York Times, writing "Everyone in Tight Shots is annoying, hilarious, familiar and also totally touching, if you've ever had a soft spot for Oberlin/Bennington/Vassar/Brown people… [A]ll I really can say is: JUST WATCH." Tight Shots has been unavailable for a while now, but over the next month, as we wait eagerly for the premiere of Dunham's new project, we'll be running the full series on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Check out the first episode above, and come back on Thursday for episode two.

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