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Lykke Li Turns Our Hearts Inside Out in ‘Love Me Like I’m Not a Stone’ Video

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Lykke Li Turns Our Hearts Inside Out in 'Love Me Like I'm Not a Stone' Video

Pleading to be loved by the one who breaks your heart is as raw as it gets.

By Leigh Lumford

From the outset of the record crackling, you know this song is going to strip you down. Swedish singer Lykke Li has a beauty in her lyrics that can pierce your soul. In her latest release, "Love Me Like I'm Not Made of Stone," she's pleading for the same thing we all desire: to be loved properly. 

Anyone who's had their heart dragged through the muck of an unbalanced relationship knows the heart can break repeatedly even while it's already broken. And as the Unloved, you can't bring yourself to walk away, "Even though it hurts/ Even though it scars." The Unloving can see the pain they cause, "Every time it breaks/ every time it stones," but evading responsibility, they can go on pretending they don't see the sadness behind the eyes.

Head bowed and shoulders hunched, Lykke Li sings, "Devil's hand crossed my heart/ As we dance through the dark/ Go ahead, go ahead," and breaking the top of her vocal register, "Love me deep until you can't." In unabashed misery, Lykke Li's humanity wraps itself around "Love Me Like I'm Not Made of Stone" and gives us, the Unloved, the perfect song.