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Meet the ‘Sausage Bread Boys,’ Japan’s Unlikely New Heavy-Set Sex Symbols

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Delicious and nutritious.

Japan has a gift for making its attractive singles — see also: "marshmallow girls" — sound appetizing. "Sausage bread boys" are currently the toast (pun very much intended) of the town.

Sausage bread is a popular Japanese snack, a hot dog baked in pastry dough. The sausage bread boy's body type roughly resembles the fluffy shape of his namesake treat. These men aren't fat, exactly, but stocky and appealingly chubby. 

Here's a spread from CHOKi CHOKi magazine that illustrates the casual style of dress and easygoing demeanor associated with these suddenly sought-after dudes.

We'll take two, with extra ketchup.

[h/t RocketNews24]

Image via Flickr.