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Meet the Woman Who Has Over 50 Orgasms a Day

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That's one big O every 48 minutes.

One might hear "this woman has 50 orgasms a day," and your immediate reaction would be, "Okay, what is she on and can I get me some of that?" But 24-year-old Amanda Gryce is living with a debilitating condition. Called Persistent Sexual Arousal Disorder, Amanda has been coming almost once every 48 minutes since she was 6-years-old.

Those suffering from the orgasm-round-the-clock condition often experience constant arousal and engorgement of their genitals that is in no way sexually related. The condition is not only embarrassing (you thought math class boners were bad), but it's quite dangerous to go about your daily routines when your muscles are spasming and shaking. PSAD is thought to be caused by irregular sensory nerves and can really only be treated by antidepressants, anaesthetising gels, and physical therapy. Sadly, Amanda has been ordered to not have sex as part of her treatment. When her gem of a boyfriend was asked if not ever having sex with the love of his life was tough for me, he responded, "It's important to her health that she doesn't do this, so I've been able to abstain." Now, that's a keeper.

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