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My First Time: Female, 16, New Jersey

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Female, 16, New Jersey

The start of our relationship was innocent and playful. He had his first kiss with me, but I practically had my first everything with him. Our first time together came around 8 months into our relationship. We had already proclaimed our love for each other within 4 months.

I brought up the conversation about us having sex one day. I asked him if he thought we were going to lose our virginity to each other. He said it's something we both have to wait and see. By the time we were thinking of losing our virginity, we were already indulging in other sexual experiences.The first time he groped my breasts we were alone at his best friend's house. The first time we had our hands down each other's pants we were in a parking lot nearby the theater. The first time I gave him a blow job we were outside of a storage room close to the mall. We really had no other places for privacy. 

Then, by some divine intervention, my parents finally allowed me to go over his house by myself. Once we had our privacy, we immediately took advantage of it. We played a few games that involved us taking all of our clothes off and doing dirty things to each other. We tried having sex a few times, but there were things that had prevented us from doing so. He had a tin box full of condoms to keep us prepared though. In my mind, he was definitely the person I wanted to lose my virginity to. He was one of the biggest nerds I've ever met, but I absolutely adored him. 

It finally happened one day while I was over at his house. The first time we had sex was spontaneous and unexpected; we were playing with an app on his phone that gave us some pretty naughty dares to do. The app had dared me to play with any body part of his. Naturally, I had chosen his penis to play with. At first, I was going to tease him, but then something came over me that day that caused me to unbutton my jeans and pull down my panties instead. I asked him if he had a condom with him, explaining to him I was going to attempt "something." After he put the condom on, I gently positioned myself on top of him. I removed my shirt and my bra, and then began riding him slowly at first. Surprisingly, there was no pain and no blood. All I felt was this overwhelming pleasure every time my hips were grinding against his body. I kept getting off of him though, because we were so paranoid about the condom breaking. Once we saw that the condom wasn't broken, we kept going and going until he climaxed five or ten minutes later.

Afterwards, we got dressed and then he held me in his arms, singing along with a song that was playing on his laptop. About fifteen minutes later, my parents picked me up. Til this day, I consider my first time one of my favorite times.

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