Love & Sex

My First Time

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Female • 16 years old • Acworth, GA

Illustration by Thomas Pitilli

My next-door neighbor and I played pool for "points" in high school. Whoever won the game got a point. You could use points for certain sexual favors.

We did this for a few months, using them for oral sex and making out. The funny thing was that I was the one who finally got up the guts to really cash in. I drove to the next county to buy condoms, sure that if I bought them at the local store I would run into someone I knew.

I wasn't really sure how to say what I wanted. He played guitar, so I bought him a new set of strings and put a condom in the box. I stuck a note to it saying, "You know you owe me." That was it. We had sex (both of our first times) in my room after school the next day. My parents got home ten minutes after he left.