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My First Time: Female, 17, Ohio

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Female, 17, Ohio

Bear skin rug. Sandwiched between two dudes. Brother sitting close by. That is, in essence, the synopsis of my first time.

It was hot summer day in Ohio. I had attended juvenile court earlier in the day for underage drinking. I was seventeen. On New Year’s Eve I had shown up to a party and it was busted thirty minutes later. I wasn’t even drunk. Anyway, the day of sentencing came some seven months later and I celebrated my thirty hours of community service by—what else? Having some drinks with some friends who were at the doomed party too.

All of the friends I had over were already sleeping with each other in some soap opera-esque hormone-powered frenzy. I would get a kick out of the drama when I heard it discussed and was thankful I wasn’t directly involved; I was the lone lady virgin. And I was a prime target for the experienced boys. Of course, up until this night I was a pretty hardcore tease. I talked and groped, so it was only a matter of time before I walked that fine line between saying and doing.

Details are kind of fuzzy, but I know that a few of my friends needed to sleep over since they were too horny to drive. A few of us decided my step-dad’s bear skin rug looked comfortable. Others paired off and went elsewhere. It was there on that rug, situated behind the living room couch, while my fourteen-year-old brother watched TV and was none the wiser, that I was sandwiched between Aaron and Magnus. Both guys put their best sixteen- and eighteen-year-old moves on me. I was more into Magnus but I didn’t know how to reject Aaron. I kissed him while Magnus tried to remove my shorts. Neither knew that they were simultaneously trying to accomplish the same carnal act. 

Kicking off my sexual career with a ménage à trois was, for a moment, a possible reality for my first time. I would have been a legend in my small town, went to college, and scared the Catholic boys with my experience. What little logic was involved in continuing with that was removed from my mind. Eventually, I stopped responding to Aaron and he was asleep much faster than I would have expected. My full attention shifted to Magnus.

After some obligatory heavy petting, Magnus climbed on top with my permission and it was there that I experienced the joys of a few pumps from this “more experienced” man. It was…spectacular? Well, it was at least what I would have expected for an introduction to sublunary activities with someone I was not emotionally attached to. Afterwards, we fell asleep and I woke up in the morning with Aaron spooning me.

It never happened again, but going back, I wouldn’t have done it any differently.