My First Time

Female, 17, Venezuela

By the age of seventeen, I was sexually active: I had given handjobs (two) and blowjobs (four). But so far no one but me had been anywhere near my vagina.

Still, I fooled everyone I knew into believing otherwise. I'm not sure why I lied about my virginity; there was no peer pressure, and I wasn't actually trying to impress anyone. I just didn't have anything interesting to say one day when I was fifteen, so I told my best friend that I'd had sex with one of my cousin's friends. Instead of admitting that I'd lied, I just spread the rumor around, and people believed me... including my best male friend, whom I'll call E.

E was gorgeous and a bit of a dick. We had some sort of sexual tension, in that I'd had a crush on him since eighth grade and he was desperate for a fuck from anyone. I'd given him a blowjob about two months prior, but I wasn't exactly eager for someone who knew me so well to learn that I was a huge liar. (My original plan was to wait until college and start a new life of honesty.)

I'm not sure why I lied about my virginity.

After the aforementioned blowjob, we kept talking about the possibility of making it a regular thing, with the only impediment being that we had nowhere to do it. The blowjob had been a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity — he was casually at my place while both my parents and my little sister were gone. But then came Christmas break, and everyone was out of town, including my cousin, who was in Colombia with her family. She left me her apartment's keys with the intention of me picking up her boyfriend's Christmas present, but it was the best chance I had of being alone with E.

We arrived at my cousin's apartment, and went straight to bed. We were lying down, talking and goofing around, when suddenly I noticed his hand trying to unbutton my bra, and then touching my nipples. His hand began to run over my torso until he reached my pants and unbuttoned them. Before I knew it I was giving him another blowjob, when he said with a delicious grin on his face, "I think it's time," and showed me the condom he was keeping in his pocket.

Since he thought I wasn't a virgin, he insisted on me being on top. I thought I could do it, but I couldn't. I told him it was because it had been so long since the last time, and we gave up and decided to switch to missionary. It hurt like hell, but then it didn't hurt anymore. On the other hand, it didn't feel good either, and I started to think about how I was being penetrated on my cousin's bed by someone who felt nothing (romantically) for me — and who in fact was in a two-year-plus relationship with a girl I thought was much better than me.

After he came, I took off his condom, and noticed some blood on the tip: my period had just come back. He laughed about it, pulled his pants back on, and said he would walk me home. When he left me at my front door and kissed me goodbye on the cheek as usual, I realized that I'd just had sex with a guy and we hadn't even kissed.

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According to just about every pre-college advice manual, floorcest is a bad idea.
"So no, I didn't lose my virginity in the most traditional way."
"He looked like if Ian Somerhalder and Gerard Butler had somehow created a baby."

Commentarium (19 Comments)

Jun 05 12 - 1:29am

This is easily one of the best My First Times I've read. Confident, understated and quite sad.

Jun 05 12 - 5:16am

bras have buttons in Venezuala?

Jun 05 12 - 10:13am

definitely the part of the story that really caught my attention

Jun 05 12 - 10:20am

To be fair, she's probably writing in her second language

Jun 05 12 - 4:26pm

I, too, lost my virginity to a girl without having kissed her. She wasn't a virgin, started dating the guy she'd spend the next four years with that same night. We rectified the kisslessness five years later, but it was still casual. Good story!

Jun 06 12 - 2:47am

"Before I knew it I was giving him another blowjob"

worst sentence ever.

Jun 07 12 - 6:07pm

Worst comment ever.

Jun 06 12 - 5:47am

Well you had an experience, maybe not what you planned but when does anything go to plan these days. you are young and still learning.

love comes in all shapes and sizes just be careful when regarding sex! there is no rush there are 2 types of sex! fun sex and the sex for making babies!! the second you shouldn’t be concerned with at your age just have fun.

Always make sure he or you use a condom/pill until you're ready with the guy you want to spend a lifetime with

Take care and please go to the pharmacy buy a pregnancy test pack to give yourself peace of mind..

Jun 08 12 - 11:42am

sounds like she is a good cocksucker

Jun 12 12 - 3:53pm

Does she swallow their loads? Perhaps the author can chime in on this one....

Jun 11 12 - 11:23pm

I thought I was the only venezuelan who read nerve..

Jun 25 12 - 6:37pm

i thought that too... i'm glad to see i'm not alone (:

Jul 21 12 - 8:47pm

Ah me too! Although I live in Canada I was kinda surprised to see a Venezuelian story!

Jun 13 12 - 9:31pm

Wow u sound like a good dick sucker

Jun 15 12 - 2:43am

Why make sex with someone unless you wish to go on with him for the rest of your life

Jul 26 12 - 6:45pm

because no everybody has the same perspectives. may never even had someone to guide and teach them whats the value of love.

Jun 17 12 - 3:25pm


Jul 17 12 - 6:46am

he had a girlfriend for over two years?? and you knew? if ur gonna give a blowjob at least give it to someone you're with. hopefully now u have more self respect.

Aug 08 12 - 10:10am

meh, the very best position for a virgin (female) is on top as they get to control the direction and speed, obviously proving the partner knows lol, not exactly the best way to loose it in the world, but I heard much worse, lol kel because sex is bit like breathing its part of life, you feel aweful without it, and it has absolutely nothing to do with love, you can have sex by making love or by a 1000 other ways that has nothing to do with it, and why any human would want to be stuck with the same partner their entire life with no opportunities to find the right partner instead idk, the chances of you ending up with the right person with a study sample of one is pretty darn low, your practically guaranteed to fail,

and if you think its religious reasons, ya daft, if, stressing the if bit here there is a god, and he really does love the average human, then he would have had to have stopped sending humans to hell over multiple sexual partners years ago else have send the vast majority of humans in existence from pre-history to modern day to hell, making said god actually an evil bastard and so unworthy of worship anyhow as any creature who create a bunch of creatures only to torture most of them for all time for following the nature he made them as, is and must be unworthy of anything but revulsion, and said bible was written by humans, theoretically guided by said god perhaps, but even so it would have contained the interpretation of right and wrong of said humans writing it at the time, so large amounts would be irrelevant now, as humans have free will said god may well have assumed we might use it to extrapolate a more contemporary equivellent, as oppose to to acting like a human written book is divine and sacrosanct, that's for religious nutters obviously, for people who have grown up beyond the fairy tale stage, its a romantic ideal that is very poor idea to attempt the chances of you ending up with your match without playing the field is lilliputian, and neither you nor your intended eternal partnered victim deserve a life of mysery just to play out to some childish notion of romance playing out happily ever after as only childrens stories do.