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My First Time

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Female • 17 years old • Muskoka, Canada

I spent the summer before my final year of high school working in the kitchen at a summer camp. It was a chance for me to get away from the city, to take in the wilderness of cottage country in Muskoka.

Being a girl from a much smaller city than the rest of the Toronto staff, I must have stuck out like a sore thumb. Every one of those counselors had known each other since they were kids, so I felt like a poseur. I was the outsider and I think they felt that I was dangerous. I guess I ended up being just that. Not that I regret anything.

The first week of working there, a shy and nervous boy approached me in the kitchen and said hello. For the first week of camp, he came up to me every night at the end of our shift, and asked me to walk with him along the beach. Each time, I turned him down. He was awkward, inexperienced, but very sweet. It wasn't until the night we were dragged out to a local bar by our catering manager, that we had the chance to flirt, get tipsy and kiss a little.

Over the next couple of weeks we would steal looks at each other during shifts, flirting with our eyes and gesturing towards the produce fridge, where we would find excuses to look for things and end up in a hot mess inside.

Illustration by Thomas Pitilli

Every night after work, we would climb to the top of the massive hill that overlooked the camp, get naked and sweaty, and do everything except for the deed. He kept insisting on it, and I kept denying it because I was the romantic thinker who needed just the right moment and mood.

By mid-summer, it was hot and we were on the brink of losing our virginity together. The oral was great and we proved to be compatible both personality-wise and sexually. It wasn't until one gorgeous evening before sunset that it became apparent that it was about to happen. We both finished our shift and were walking back to the cabin that was shared by ten of us (each with our own separate rooms). Suddenly, one of our co-workers came storming down the path muttering some profanities, as we were just sitting down at our picnic table outside. He must have had a really bad shift because his arms were flailing like windmills and he was in a hurry. In the heat of the moment, he noticed us, took off one of his shoes and threw it onto the roof of the cabin. Both the boy and I looked at each other and started to laugh uncontrollably until we cried. Our co-worker then stopped and looked at us, proud that he could make us laugh so hard; then he continued with his act, like it was the circus and it was his job to entertain us. He then grabbed a ladder and climbed the roof to grab his shoe, at which point, I wandered off to grab something inside the cabin. I then ran out, grabbed the boy's hand and lead him down to the beach.

It was time and I was feeling the moment. The sun was now escaping the horizon and we were in one of the most beautiful places in Canada. We undressed each other and he sat me down on the edge of a sailboat that was parked on the beach and went down on me. I moaned as he licked me, and as he played with my breasts. I grabbed his hair and brought his head up to meet mine, kissed him and told him to grab the condom from my shorts. He placed it carefully and entered me gently. He thrust just enough for me to squeal a bit. He continued to push and pull into me and even brought my legs up to my chest to enter me deeply. I was burying my face into his chest, while kissing his neck, trying to contain my sounds of delight and pain (after all, it was a public beach). Like a truly inexperienced virgin, his climax was quite dramatic and made me laugh to myself at how we must have looked, on this boat, naked under the moonlight. We finished up and he collapsed in my arms. We embraced and giggled for the next few minutes. It really happened, I thought to myself. We then got dressed and walked back to the camp, arms around each other, thinking how lucky we were to have had such a great first time together.