My First Time

My First Time - Illustration by Thomas Pitilli

Illustration by Thomas Pitilli

Female • 18 years old • Burlington, VT

He was my best friend's boyfriend's best friend. The plan, orchestrated by our friends, was for the two of us to hook up. It seemed convenient, and I was coming off of a bad breakup and looking for something with no strings attached.

But my parents shipped me off to my grandparents' house in Oregon over spring vacation, somehow suspecting that if I was left at home unattended, I would wreak havoc. So instead of having a no-strings-attached hookup, the boy and I ended up talking on Facebook for hours, as I sat in my grandparents' cold basement while it rained and their cats twined around my wool-socked feet.

Although I woke up each morning to a text from him asking how I slept, the conversation never took the abrupt left turn that I had come to expect from guys. He never asked for pictures. He never made creepy sexy insinuations. I was confused, to say the least.

When I got home, we hung out. We went hiking; we kissed. He made me laugh harder than any guy I'd ever known. But my ovaries got the best of me, and in the back of my mind, I wondered incessantly what we "were."

The third time we hung out, it was the four of us — he and I and the two people responsible for us being together. We drove around, doing a lot of nothing. My best friend attempted to pierce my ear in the parking lot of a pizza place while I lay in the back seat of the car and he held my hand, stroking my hair and complimenting me on my bravery. Finally, we ended up in an abandoned quarry. In a display of true friendship, our friends generously offered to take a walk, even though the bugs were swarming outside.

I have always been impatient. I got into the back seat knowing exactly what I was going to do. He didn't expect it, but luckily I had a condom in my glove box that my friend had left there as a joke — so when I said, "Want to share another painful piercing experience in the backseat of my car?" everything was covered.

It's like ripping off a band-aid, I thought. Just get it over with. I was glad he knew what he was doing, but it hurt. I scrunched up my face and looked out the window, tried not to whimper. Eventually, the pain dissolved, and I was left with a strange and mildly pleasurable sense of invasion. I enjoyed it, but eventually I began to wish it would just be over. Soon, it was.

We chucked the condom on the ground (classy, I know) and walked out to find our friends. "I guess now is when I ask the awkward question," he said. His voice cracked, and my heart melted. "I know we're leaving for college, but do you want to be together, or just like... friends?"

We found our loyal, bug-bitten friends, and went back to the car. They aren't together anymore, but my voice-cracking devirginizer and I still are.

We're looking for stories about the first time you had sex. Email with 500-1000 words. (Don't worry, we won't print your name — but please do make sure to include your gender, where you were, and how old you were.) Submissions may be edited.
According to just about every pre-college advice manual, floorcest is a bad idea.
"So no, I didn't lose my virginity in the most traditional way."
"He looked like if Ian Somerhalder and Gerard Butler had somehow created a baby."

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Sep 21 10 - 3:39am

That's kind of cute.

Sep 21 10 - 4:51am

Awww. Finally decided to print a real one? Good on ya, Nerve. Cute indeed.

Sep 09 11 - 11:41am


Sep 21 10 - 9:31am

Mildly annoying

Sep 21 10 - 10:26am

This is sweet, real, and completely unsexy. But then again that's true of any story that references ovaries.

Sep 21 10 - 12:49pm

As others have pointed out, how come this series has never has a gay/lesbo first time?

Sep 21 10 - 3:37pm

First "My First Time" story I've enjoyed in a long time. Very cute! <3 Unlike.. well, pretty much all the others. So glad this one can at least pass for real.

@dave1976 Good question. I wonder if it's a matter of them getting sent in or if it's a matter of them being chosen. I suppose I'll have to give it a shot and email them.

Sep 21 10 - 7:52pm

It looks like it was interracial.

Sep 21 10 - 11:14pm

I remember a gay first time story nerve printed a few months ago.

Sep 22 10 - 6:38am

@s.s. The "gay" first time story was about a gay male teen trying to lose it to a female prostitute.

Not really the same thing as a "gay first time."

Sep 22 10 - 9:45am

Whats obama doing in the back seat of that car?

Sep 22 10 - 3:54pm

he should have bread her ass too

Sep 23 10 - 5:51pm

I think it's because it would bring up the question of what COUNTS as losing your virginity. They seem to have gone with the strictly coital definition because one of the stories was about a lesbian, but she had sex with a boy. This should be called "My first coitus."

Sep 09 11 - 11:42am

contact me dear ''''

Sep 26 10 - 8:50pm

That's really cute. I like it.

Sep 27 10 - 3:54am

Loved it, that was great

Oct 04 10 - 12:23am

these all sound like they're written by the same person.

Jun 23 11 - 6:53pm

Quite a piercing story. Thanks.

Sep 08 11 - 8:31am

if all guys who are commenting tht these are fake and already know true stories, then no need of u to come here and see such stories...just have fun here

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Sep 10 12 - 8:35pm

Hey i'm lara and i'm 19 . I'll share my story too !
Well : i was with my boyfriend in a restaurant and when we were eating i putted my hand right into his pants and told him to not say enything at all and so he did, i putted in his pants a peace of a paper where i whrote a note : meet me in my room at 9 tonught . And o kissed him a small kiss and i left . At 7 i started to prepare my self . I toke a shour and everything i put on my lingery it was red and it shows all ! Just sexy ! I put some rose's petales on the bed at 9 he came over! He found a note says take a shour i know it was risky but he did it when he went out from the shour he found me laying on bed he was so horny it shows on his *** so i came to him and i mad him naked totally, i kissed him so bad that i could'nt let him! And then he took of my lingerie he puted his hands on my boobs and just felt them and i liked it . i jumped on him when he was on the wall and then he puted his dunk into me and he went pulling me uo and down, he putted me on bed and kissed all my body and sucks my boobs when his dunk was still in me , he kissed my nick and then he put out from me his dunk and licked my pussy when my legs were around him and it felt good so good ! Then it was my turn to take the lead ! I throw him on the floor and laid on him i kissed his body all his body and my hands were grabbing his sexy butt, it was difficult for me to do this next but he want it so bad ! And a woman should please her man so hi stand and his back on the wall and i suck his dunk and played wiyh his balls ! And then he took me between his arms and kissed me and said he loves me so much, i think he loved more his hands grabbing my ass! But i loved it too ! So i gave him a hug with my legs lol ! And we slept on the bed ! The next morning i felt so pleased and i believe him too because he put a rose in his but for me to see it ! It was so special ! Wait untill i till you about the next day ! It was a sex week ! I just love Love !

Sep 15 12 - 8:21pm

Hey it's mya and i'll share with u how my firqt time i had sex ! By the way it was awesome ! And i mean it ! I really do !
So me and my boyfriend were together for a long time but we never made love, one day we were in a car with our friends we were with too couples both in the back seat and they were having sex in the so my boyfriend i believe got gelous well me too ! He was driving in a moment he asked why we aren't doing the same thing, i said i don't knwo, and he opens his pants zipper and told me 'oh come on just touch it ' i was afraid at first but a put my hand on him and the surprise i could'nt take off ! He stopped the car, and took my hands off and jumped on him i kissed his lips so bad ! And i took his shirt off and lisked his body ! I oppend his belt and kissed him again i wisperred in ears and said 'if want more drive us home baby ' ! And he drived us home ! Of course our friends in the back seat took a room in his house but ours was the best ! We entered the room and grabed me between his arms and kissed me like his lips were sticked on mine ! He took my clothes off and i took he's, he put his hands on my butt and put his dunk in my pussy it didn't hurt like some of the girls say ! I wispered in his ears and i said that i'll make him feel like we were having sex each day of our life ! So , we laid on the bed and have sex : he kissed all my body and licked my pussy , sucked my boobs and definittly he couldn't take his dunk out of me ! any way we took more like a half hour to have some rest, my body was on the waching maching he told me what i was doing i said i was looking for my ring ! he didn't care and standed behind me and kept touching my butt and then he put his dunk into my butt and touched my boobs ! He left me and kept pooled me up and down until his dunk i believe saw all tha areas in my vagina ! ! It was awesome ! So when he was done ! It was my turn ! I went to sleep over his body ! Lol ! And that's all !