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My First Time

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Female • 21 years old • South Florida

I spent the majority of my college career focused on keeping my scholarships and avoiding the Bible-thumpers who made up the majority of my peers. As a twenty-one-year-old senior I was finally ready to relax a little. I began going to some parties at my apartment complex that happened to be the hub of college housing for five different small colleges and universities.

I found one guy particularly interesting. At 6'10" he was an imposing figure that I was drawn to, mainly because his size contrasted sharply with his personality. He was shy. When I realized his shyness was keeping him from approaching me, I put into play my "Two Week Plan of Seduction." Time was scarce. Graduation was looming and within the month I'd be a career woman at my new entry-level finance job.

I redoubled my efforts to run into him. I invited him to drinking parties, card games, Scrabble tournaments, etc. He eventually agreed to stop by a small get-together in the apartment of a mutual friend. I had absolutely no intention of leaving college a virgin. I shaved my legs, trimmed my delicate bits, and chose my sexiest panties. Then I headed over to my friend's place.

Illustration by Thomas Pitilli

I drank. I shamelessly flirted. I tried to woo him with my wit. I drank more. As the night continued my efforts to seduce my crush were getting me nowhere. At one point, six beers in, my hand fell from the table I was gripping and landed on his leg. He was wearing some pants with an amazing texture. I rubbed them gently and whispered, "How soft." He looked at me (perhaps for the first time) and told me his bed happened to be very soft too. I blushed but didn't have the nerve to ask him to show me.

The night came to a close and I was disappointed that my crush had left. As I was clearing up my bottles, a guy I had met a few times approached me, pulled my head to his face and kissed me deeply. He said he wanted to spend the night fucking me. Since my plan to seduce my crush hadn't worked, I decided I'd just let the night bring me what it would.

My Bible-thumping roommates would've been pissed I was bringing a semi-stranger into the apartment, so I had to sneak him in through the back door. This added an element of excitement to the adventure. We kissed again and he stripped me of my clothes. He pulled out some condoms and said he had every intention of using all of them. I nodded my concurrence.

He asked me what position I wanted to try. I didn't have the nerve to tell him I was a virgin. I just said that he could choose. He separated my thighs and began rubbing me. He let out a growl and said, "You're really hot for me." I almost corrected his assertion but I held my composure.

He gave no more pretenses. He put a condom on and entered me with a hard thrust. We spent the next six hours locked in passionate kisses and various positions. I never had an orgasm but he did. True to his word, he went through all of his condoms. He wasn't a bad fuck, for a backup.