My First Time

My First Time: “Thank god I had worn a strapless dress.”

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Whether it was in the back of a cramped car, with your pants at your ankles, or in your parent’s queen-sized bed, we want to hear about the first time you had sex. Email with 500-1000 words. (Don’t worry, we won’t print your name — but please do make sure to include your gender, where you were, and how old you were.) Want more first times? Follow us on Facebook.

So my first time was with my boyfriend at a really embarrassingly young age.

We had a few dates before and I was a sexually frustrated teen who just wanted to go with the moment. I really just wanted to get to the action with the hotty I scored. Plus he always bragged about having a big dick, so I was pretty much ready to ride it.

I came over to his cousin’s for Thanksgiving and the whole car ride there we were making out while no one was looking. When we got there, I held his hand and he led me to the house.

I met some of his family, went to play at the park, and he even fingered me under a blanket. When it got dark, we went to the side of the house and I proceeded to have him against a wall, kissing and grinding against him.

Thank got I had worn a strapless dress, so it was pretty easy to get to my underwear. But he wanted to move it aside and try to stick it in, instead of letting me take them off for a while. Then he did it from behind for a bit and I tried to move back against him everytime he slid it in. And sometimes it was so slippery, it would miss, and I’d hold in a laugh.

Then his brother started whining for him right when I had got my underwear off and straddled him. Which sucked. We ate or I made him eat some food, then after a while we went to the bathroom. He ate me out which was lovely and he stuck it in for what he said would be “a second,” but turned into me having to put my hand over my mouth until he stopped when his brother started knocking on the door. I’m going to shove that little kid out of a moving car someday.

—Female, 13, his cousin’s house