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My First Time: Male, 14, Pittsburgh

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Male, 14, Pittsburgh

I remember that my first time was on a Thursday, because it was the day after a "Church Day" with her grandmother, she didn't like to go herself, but her grandmother made her go generally anyway, to try to bring her up into Christianity. She and I had been talking about it for a month, maybe two. We would always fondle, finger, and mess around with each other when in private, yet never did anything more. Then one day, when we were walking back to her house around 8 o'clock, even though she had to be back around 9, there came a terrible thunderstorm.

We were still about 6 blocks away from her house, and I didn't want to get caught up in the storm, so we went into the garage of her grandmother's friends. She helped them often with moving stuff when it was too heavy and just general labor. In fact, she helped so much that they had given her a key to the garage for whenever she needed a tool or had to fix her bike. Well, in this case, it was for us to not be in this storm. We had bought protection a week or so before, just in case we ever got in the mood. And I, being a stereotypical teenager, put it in my wallet for safe keeping.

Anyway, we were just sitting around on the floor of the garage, on top of a blanket so we wouldn't get cold. And we just started making out — it was an intense, passionate make out session. Our hands went places, little sounds of pleasure escaped, and then we both just stopped, and she said, "Do you want to?" I was anxious and nervous, but agreed. We started stripping each other a little awkwardly, and I fumbled around for a while — first opening the condom, then getting it on — until we were actually able to do anything. It was missionary.

After we had finished, I felt closer to her than I ever had before, like some type of strong bond had just formed. She agreed that she felt the same, and we cuddled for a while as we waited for the storm to end. We had been dating for 11 months at that point. I was a kid and I have never loved anyone as much as I loved her then. She had been a long time crush of mine, until I had finally gotten up the nerve to ask her out. Our relationship lasted for approximately a year and a half. Sadly, it turned out that she had cheated on me because she thought I was boring, and she had started getting closer to another guy, while I was still just as in love with her as before.