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My First Time: Male, 16, France

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"This wasn’t just a house in the south of France, this was an estate. With pools, booze, and my best friend's sisters."

Male, 16, France

In middle school, I met my best friend in our shared Texas History class. We sat near each other and when he answered the roll call with his stuffy, squeaky British accent I knew we would be friends (I’d grown up in England and already had the Monty Python bits perfect by 7th grade).  This isn’t a story about my best friend though, this is about his sisters.

I knew that AJ’s family was a healthy mix of British, French and South African and that they had a house in the south of France that they went to each summer, so we couldn’t hang out and enjoy the Texas heat. AJ also had two sisters: one older, one younger. The elder, Courtney, had enormous breasts and was mistaken for Denise Richards in airports. I was smitten, and was once accused of only hanging out with AJ for the easy access to his sisters, but AJ was my buddy.

When I was sixteen, I was invited to go along with his family on one of their summer trips to France.  This wasn’t just a house in the south of France, this was an estate, with a pool, tennis courts, guest houses and a farm overlooking rolling hills of sunflowers. Days were spent lounging at the estate as well as going into town to buy booze, cigarettes and hashish from the locals. We had experimented with drinking and smoking before, but here we were in the middle of nowhere at an absolute palace (AJ’s parents were often drunk and lounging off on their own side of the estate) so it was basically a French free-for-all. At night, all of the “children” slept in a sort of Carriage House apartment in bunk beds and I would have to sneak outside to wank. AJ had cousins who would come and visit and sleep topless on the floor next to me. Yeah, it was that wild.

One night, AJ’s dad packed up some of the crew and took us to a another friend’s summer cottage for a dinner party. By now it was understood that all of the underage kids were going to drink and the drunk adults saw no reason to stop us. I don’t remember much about that party.

On the drive back home, Courtney and I sat in the back row of the three-person minivan. About five minutes into the drive, with her Dad swerving on back country roads, Courtney took my hand and slapped it on her breast. I took my hand away, embarrassed, and she grabbed it and put it back. And so began the seduction of this virgin. Courtney purred and squirmed as I got more adventurous and tweaked her nipples, sucked on fingers, and rubbed her crotch. No one else in the car seemed to notice.  

When we got to the house, I waited a good ten minutes until the room got quiet and rolled over from my mattress on the floor to Courtney’s mattress on the floor and we began to make out, fondle, and do all that stuff.  Even though I had no idea what I was doing, she got hot and bothered enough, jumped on top and rode me into no-longer-a-virgin land. I lasted maybe two seconds. We did it again to the same effect. I remember lying there in the dark, when one cousin who had not come to the dinner party opened the doors and saw us there, naked and covering our junk, cowering from the light. There was a distinctly embarrassed “whoops” and the lights went out.

Before flying back to the States, I excitedly called friends to brag about my erotic coming-of-age.  This was the subject of much discussion, as Courtney was worshipped across our school district.  

Courtney and I have never spoken about that night, but we’ve remained friends and see each other over holiday breaks back in Texas. Once, after drinking, AJ asked me to tell him who took my V-card that summer. I told him I would tell him when I was best man at his wedding.  At this point, we’ve been friends for years, so I don’t know how he would take it, knowing that his bombshell sister jumped  me that night in France, inches away from his sleeping body.