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My First Time: Male, 16, Niagra Falls

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Male, 16, Niagra Falls

I was sixteen and spending my summer in Niagara-on-the-Lake when I lost my virginity. My parents had a place in a great part of town. We got to know lots of the other families over the years and I had always enjoyed myself when I spent time there.

It was a long August weekend, and I had just gotten my driver's license. Kim was twenty-one; the cute blonde daughter of the people across the street. She'd been spending the odd weekend with her family throughout the summer, and I'd gotten to know her over the past few months. To my sixteen-year-old mind, she was the coolest: she was in university, loved to party, always had weed, and most importantly, she had a car! That she was hot and wanted to spend time with me (for some reason) was a fantastic bonus.

Kim was the coolest. That  she was hot and wanted to spend time with me was a fantastic bonus.

On the night we celebrated my birthday, the whole neighborhood turned out for the party — it was an excuse for the adults to get toasted. Kim suggested to me that we take a drive into town to see the Falls, and, by the way, would I like to drive? My parents were fine with it — they thought Kim was a sweetie and I was excited to get a chance to drive. In a few minutes, we were off with a few beers and a joint to see the light show that went on at night under the Falls.

Along the Parkway, on the way into Niagara Falls, there's a large park with a 185-foot statue called Brock's Monument. Kim suggested we pull in to the park, walk around, and smoke the joint before we got into town. She held my hand as we walked along the treeline, which made me nervous. Then we slowed our pace, turned to faced each other and kissed; something that felt completely natural and mutual, but which freaked me out completely nonetheless. Our clothes started to come off next, and we were on the ground almost immediately.

For a sixteen-year-old boy, getting screwed by a twenty-one-year-old in a park at night was one of the greatest experiences of my life at that point. I'm sure it wasn't for Kim, but she took her time with me. All I can remember was thinking, "Wow, she really has no problem being naked in a public park teaching a sixteen-year-old about sex."

Kim had a summer job, but she came back up to her parents' place every weekend that summer. I spent one of the best weeks of my life with her at her parents' place in Toronto, which she spent teaching me what to do with a girl in bed. To this day, I still remember what she taught me about going down on a girl, and I'm thankful for it.

Back then, we were at such different places in our lives. We lost touch after that summer, but I still think about her and thoughts of that birthday always make me smile.