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My First Time: Male,18, Pwllheli, Wales

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Illustration by Thomas Pitilli

Male • 18 • Pwllheli, Wales

I was with my best friend on my second holiday away from my parents. Our destination was the Butlins holiday village in Pwllheli, Wales. Not very glamorous but any playground away from your parents is bliss at that age.

The girl's name was Mel. It's so long ago now that I barely remember what she really looked like, just a vague image. Shoulder-length brown hair, pale skin, slim, quite pretty. She was sitting on a bench inside one of the clubhouses. What was immediately attractive was that she was with a girlfriend, and that meant me and my friend could go for one each. So I started talking to her, and after a few minutes the other girl got up and walked off. Turns out they didn't know one another. We were already getting on so well that we decided to just keep at it and drank into the night.

Somehow we convinced her to come back to our chalet…

All three of us were flirting like mad. Eventually we left before we all got too drunk. Normal drunk was enough. Lots of walking and talking in the freezing night air. She accepted one of our jackets to keep warm. Somehow we convinced her to come back to our chalet. There we continued to talk and be silly and somehow we got into a stupid tickling game that ended up not stupid at all, and I kissed her. As all is fair in love and war, my best friend graciously decided he was tired enough and would try to sleep. She was mine.

Kissing was fun. Her fumblings below the waist were nice too. Soon we were undressed and in my bed. Neither of us had condoms. We didn't care. I tried to go down on her. The taste and smell were odd. In hindsight it probably was normal — I just didn't know what normal was. Also I had no idea what I was doing down there. On the other hand, my cock was a solid rod of teenage testosterone and had been like that for a few hours. She decided to push me back, straddle me and just sink down on me. And fuck, that was nice.

I'd like to say we had sex, but the truth is she fucked me. I just lay there. I was also so hard that my cock was practically stuck to my stomach, which didn't give her too much room to maneuver. Still she fucked me, slow, fast, soft, hard. It just went on and on into the morning. While my penis was still like a steel rod, the alcohol had dulled me enough that I was not going to orgasm. She fucked me harder and harder and faster and faster to no avail. Thinking back on it, I'm surprised she remained so lubricated. Eventually, I touched her arms and told her I'd had too much to drink and we could finish in the morning. We slept together, which was also a really nice first for me. And in the morning, I finished.

A pretty basic story but there are some points that require mentioning.

  1. My friend didn't get to sleep. It was a one-room chalet. He basically got to hear, and probably watch, us fuck all night. After her first orgasm we slowed down and she looked at my friend's bed and asked, "What about your friend?" I asked out loud, "Do you want a go?" And though supposedly sleeping, he politely declined.

  2. On the third day of my stay, we were fucking on the sofa at her place (a two-room chalet) when her mother, aunt, and sister returned. With just one blanket that barely covered us, they decided to make tea and get to know Mel's new naked friend for a couple of hours. During that coversation I also found out a lot about Mel's boyfriend, who was waiting for her back home.

  3. She ditched me on day five after I got food poisoning. I never saw her again. My friend said the food poisoning was pure karma. He was probably right.