5. "I lay back in the hammock and he carefully climbed on top of me..."

Female • 17 years old • Rio Grande Valley, TX

I'd always been eager to learn about sex. I was snatching my mother's romance novels at ten and reading them cover to cover in the bathroom. I'd snoop in my older brother's porn collection and shudder with revulsion at the overly large breasts and creepy, staring, eye-like nipples. I used to imagine that the gigantic breasts were some sort of extra bladder for pee. (I know, I was a weird kid.)

As I got older, I would read Cosmo and Glamour to learn "88 ways to blow his mind," look up words like "coitus" and "clitoris" in the medical dictionary on my dad's shelf, and sneak hurried glances at the naked women in the public-pool locker room. By senior year of high school, I was known for my sweet face and dirty sense of humor. Through all my research, I'd amassed a lot of sexual knowledge without any real experience. With two kisses from two different guys, one boob touch, and half a blowjob, I was basically all talk, no walk. I would joke that I planned on selling my virginity on eBay and retiring at nineteen, but really I was just hoping I wouldn't graduate a virgin.

I started dating my boyfriend early second semester of twelfth grade. He had considerably more sexual experience than I did, but I wasn't worried. I knew everything there was to know, right? Thanks to our almost instantaneous emotional connection (high school is good at creating those kinds of relationships) and crazy chemistry, we progressed quickly from making out, to boob grabs, to handjobs, to blowjobs, to manual stimulation of my nether-regions. We had to be careful not to get caught, so much of our time "watching TV" in the den with the lights out, or "talking" outside after dark was really put towards our sexy checklist.

Illustration by Thomas Pitilli

After two months of dating, and a ton of research on my part (brands of condoms, the effectiveness of the "pull-out" method, careful observation of my cervical mucus for clues to my ovulation cycle, and the effects of low BMI on fertility), I felt suitably prepared to relinquish my V-card. First, we started off with little "experiments" — just casual, introductory, "Hi, I'm a penis" meetings with my vagina. These would take place on my family's trampoline in the backyard, in the dark. About an inch would go in and we'd pause to see how we both felt, and then go another inch in. This would continue until I would hiss with pain and smack him on the arm to "pull out, you dummy!" He was a cut seven-and-a-half inches, so we'd make it about half-way in.

I never worried about breaking my hymen because I had actually accomplished that in the first grade by falling out of a tree. I just wanted to make sure my vagina would be receptive to the whole "penetration process." I'd heard awful stories of women experiencing unimaginable pain during intercourse, women who bled for ten minutes straight, women whose lovers found "growths" or "lumps" in their vaginas that turned out to be undescended testicles. All of this was "totally true" and happened to "my friend's cousin's massage therapist's niece's bunk-buddy at church camp, I swear!" but eh, I was naive and paranoid, so I proceeded cautiously.

When we finally did the deed, we did it in the big, green hammock on my patio, next to my dad's jasmine vines. It was one of those stand-alone hammocks — no trees necessary! — and surprisingly sturdy. My siblings were all asleep inside, and my mom had dozed off in front of the TV earlier. I'd changed into a short gray skirt (for easy access) and crazy-patterned knee-socks (for fun). He wore regular clothes and threw his belt into the grass. The condom? Trojan, Twisted Pleasure. I lay back in the hammock and he carefully climbed on top of me. I took deep breaths of the jasmine-scented air and tried not to be nervous. I could see the moon over his shoulder and I remember thinking, "This is right. I'm glad I waited."

I helped him put on the condom (being sure to pinch the tip), and kissed him over and over again. With my hand guiding him in, we finally had real, complete sexual intercourse. The hammock swayed with his thrusts, making me dizzy, but I got used to it. It started to feel really nice, like a foot-rub for my vagina. I didn't come that night, because I wasn't quite sure how to come from intercourse. I understood the dynamics of clitoral stimulation, but I wasn't sure how I could get a hand in with him on top of me.

Afterwards, we declared it a success. I was no longer a virgin! I felt a little regretful, mostly because I had a residual childhood belief that unicorns existed and only appeared to virginal maidens. (I told you I was a weird kid.) But I'm still with that boyfriend and we're very happy together. I can totally come from intercourse like a pro. A moonlit night in spring, in a hammock, with a guy I loved? I think my first time was perfect.

NEXT: "I was fifteen and fighting with every ounce of my power not to be gay..."

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Jun 22 10 - 12:34pm

this is great. The Hasidic one is my favorite

Jun 22 10 - 3:03pm

Perfect sex in a hammock sounds good on paper. But man, being on bottom while merely making out was a bit wobbly. I give them props for making this happen.

Jun 22 10 - 4:24pm

Another case of how religion makes things crap.

Mar 14 11 - 8:33pm

you fucking bitch. i probably dont sound like in right now but(t) im catholic. bitch. bitch. bitch.

Mar 14 11 - 8:33pm

you fucking bitch. i probably dont sound like in right now but(t) im catholic. bitch. bitch. bitch.

Mar 14 11 - 8:33pm

you fucking bitch. i probably dont sound like in right now but(t) im catholic. bitch. bitch. bitch.

Aug 27 11 - 7:21pm

Catholic scum

Sep 07 11 - 5:56pm

LOL. That was the saddest story I've ever read, how wrong that is!
'Rocky' is an idiot.

Jun 22 10 - 5:46pm

Glad to know I'm the only one who didn't loose their virginity as a teenager... :-\

Jun 22 10 - 11:27pm

No you're not Steve.

Jun 23 10 - 12:09am

You are definitely not the only one Steve :)

Jun 23 10 - 1:31am

Totally not the only one, Steve.

Apr 01 12 - 2:10am

feel the pain of others

Jun 23 10 - 2:03am

You waited until you were a teenager?

Jun 23 10 - 2:25am

The second story that ended with handcuffs must have been from a long time ago. If something like that happened today there would be sex offender charges thrown in there instead of just a misdemeanor.

Jun 23 10 - 6:56am

The second story with police happened to me and my girlfriend before. The cop was a total dick telling me to "get the f*** out of here, you disgust me" and "How dare you take advantage of this girl like this". It was pretty rediculous how bad they were trying to make it look. I was 19 and she was 18. Not my first time having sex, but I can relate to the story.

Jun 23 10 - 9:17am

Wish the illustrations had a bit more diversity when the narrator's features weren't explicitly described.

Jun 23 10 - 12:36pm

its so sad for the last story

Jun 23 10 - 3:45pm

The 4th story is beautiful and sad and lovely and so well-written.

Jun 23 10 - 6:45pm

Yeah, no you're not Steve.

Jun 23 10 - 8:31pm

Great stuff, but would be nice to include at least one boy-boy or girl-girl first timer.

Jun 24 10 - 12:19am


Jun 24 10 - 10:06am

yeah, it's weird that this is mostly white people illos with the only non-white being... the prostitute? :( and let's get some successful queer stories in here. reflect the rest of us a bit more?

Jun 24 10 - 10:25am

Mine's closest to the hammock...but I was 25... :-D

Jul 02 10 - 3:46pm

I would have expected at least one story to involve vehicular sex.

Jul 27 10 - 3:40pm

This Gets me hard

Aug 24 10 - 2:16pm
John Doe

My wife and I waited till we got married to have sex,we had sex 1 time on our honeymoon.I thought it was the greatest ever,,.she said that she would never do that again..and she did not...You should have sex before you get married to make sure you both like it,

Jul 30 11 - 12:01pm
Bha v

I am sex men

Aug 28 10 - 8:45am

So im a 19 year old male and a virgin. ive gotten a BJ once but i dnt count that as sex... It gets to me sometimes that i am when most 0of my friends arent. Sometime i dnt want it to be random. I want it to be with someone i care abt...but the way things are im just gonna have to go with a random person......

Sep 01 10 - 7:53pm

James may

Sep 01 10 - 7:56pm
James may

Noo, do not do that, "okay". It is called peer pressure. Just keep cool and don't do anything rash like that. Wait for "the" person. :)

Nov 09 10 - 11:37pm
first time

i had my first time tody! it was amazing....

Nov 09 10 - 11:37pm
first time

i had my first time tody! it was amazing....

Nov 27 10 - 12:35pm

I believe that what matters the most is 1) you love them, 2) they love you, and 3) you don't regret it later. I regret the first time, even though we waited over a year. However my bf now (he's my second) and I did it after almost 3 months, and it was the first time I had ever made love. My only regret is I wish I had saved myself for him <3

Nov 30 10 - 11:56pm

these stories are great, they all seem pretty realistic! The one in the hammock reminds me of my first time the most though.

Dec 09 10 - 8:47am

The last story... it's wonderful. It's like a story from an old literature book. It makes me sad but it makes me aware of how wonderful it is to be young and carefree.

Good stories! Thumbs up

Dec 09 10 - 8:48am

The last story... it's wonderful. It's like a story from an old literature book. It makes me sad but it makes me aware of how wonderful it is to be young and carefree.

Good stories! Thumbs up

Dec 09 10 - 8:49am

The last story... it's wonderful. It's like a story from an old literature book. It makes me sad but it makes me aware of how wonderful it is to be young and carefree.

Good stories! Thumbs up

Dec 12 10 - 10:10pm

That a very intresting story and by intresting I mean weird but a very good lesson

Jan 10 11 - 5:31pm
Weirdo becky

Is it usually normal to have sex as a 10 year old? my younger sister is 10 and has had sex could it be possible to have a 10 year old and a 10 year old have sex?

Jan 10 11 - 5:42pm

follow me, dizzybaby666 on twitter!!!

Jan 24 11 - 3:14am

ithink im gonna have my first time soon. my boyfriend and i are ready. wonder how kiny it'll be ;)

Feb 22 11 - 1:31am

follow me, snodder61 on twitter!!!, & harry jones on facebook!!!

Mar 14 11 - 2:49am
im a virgin

i feel horny

Jul 03 11 - 2:57am


Mar 14 11 - 11:59am

m vergin

Mar 15 11 - 8:12pm


Mar 16 11 - 8:19am

this thing make me horny

Mar 16 11 - 8:19am

this one make mee horny

Jun 05 11 - 6:18am
Silas Hesselberg

I am a man" and I think that you are not a Hor slut ETC you are a young beautiful woman who happened to lose her virginity to a nice young man. You should have married him he loved you I can tell live your life how you want to But youl find him one day?

Jul 01 11 - 1:27pm

My boyfriend and I have been together for over a year but we want to wait until we're both 15 (about another year) for our first time. I'm really excited. My favorite story was the hammock one, it was so romantic.

Jul 03 11 - 2:56am
cool grl

Geez people! You should really wait until your married. If your religion says to wait, then wait. Don't have sex, because you might end up breaking up. It's not uncool to wait, if anything, it is extremely cool. But, if you ended up with the person you did it with, then I guess it's not that bad. But please people, just try to wait for marriage. Don't give in to peer presure. Please be strong. Don't be a hater on me just because I think people should wait for marrige. Just say that you don't agree. That's all you have to do. Well I guess I'm done here.

Aug 29 11 - 10:10am
Trady and his lady

My current darling was my first time.
We went to school together for 6years straight not saying a word to each other. But by our last year of school he developed this crazy sudden jolt of interest in me. The first time we kissed it was the best first kiss I ever had. It was at a costume party and he was a tradie (slang for tradesman in Australia) and I was dressed as a 1960's lady. We kissed on a trampoline and slow danced on a dance floor fueled with heavy dance music. We were so zoned out by each other we didn't realize how out of place and ridiculous we looked.
After that kiss we started attending all the same teenage house parties. It was brilliant, we didn't even have to try to start any sort of mood. We knew we were going to get closer and closer each time we saw each other.

Then one party, funnily enough another costume party. I was wearing suspenders and a bowler hat and he had on this suave well fitting op-shop suit. He picked me up like a princess and carried me down some stairs outside, to the bottom of this very secluded grassy hill. As we kissed hands were everywhere. I wouldn't say I was as keen as him, I had never had sex before and he already knew of it's luxuries. He breathed all over my body and finally leaned into me and whispered 'Do you want to?' I just nodded. Before he was in he held himself right against me and said 'Don't worry, I'll look after you." and away we went.

I wouldn't say it was perfect, of course I was all 'ouch' under my breath, trying to disguise my displeasure with moans. But it was terribly sweet, he could of been all creepy and dirty talked, but instead he would say between pants 'are you okay?' 'is this alright?' We must of been down there for hours, because we got back to the party and everyone was gone. As we walked out of the party he said 'next time, we will try this in a bed."
Now older, we still have sex adventures. And on the nights where we don't have to worry about work the next day, we have 'sex marathons'. Oh, and no costumes needed anymore!

Sep 07 11 - 7:30am
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Nov 13 11 - 11:33pm

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Nov 15 11 - 1:21am

Had my first time today. It was painful but amazing none the less c:

Dec 29 11 - 2:13am

am 18 me and my girlfriend had sex for the first time last night it was wonderful

Feb 15 12 - 12:53am
This Chik

Doing. It for the. First time with my bf/ best friend since preschool ( same person) on Friday I'm nervouse but ready =•3

Jun 18 12 - 5:00pm

I agree.......