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New One-Hour Condom Delivery Service Hopes to Help with Unplanned Sex

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L. Condoms will send a bike messenger right over.

Not having a condom when you need a condom is just the worst. There have been a handful of times when I'm seconds away from insertion and I go to grab the condoms by the bedside, only to realize that, goddammit, that's an empty cardboard box and I am a terrible lazy person for not throwing it away after the last time. It's in these frustrating life moments that I truly wish teleportation or carrier eagles existed. They don't, but L. Condoms, a sustainable brand of condoms, wants to get people laid, even when they've carelessly forgotten their protection. As of May 1st, L. Condoms is launching a one-hour condom delivery service in New York City. 

Here's how it works: Somewhere in between the business hours of 10 am and 11 pm you decide you're in desperate need of condoms. You order your choice of condoms (most kinds go for $5 for a pack of 12) and wait about 60 minutes. Within the hour, a fleet of bicycles (okay, probably just one tattooed guy on a bike) will come to your rescue with a discreet delivery. The delivery service is already set up in some parts of L.A. and San Francisco.

The new service hopes to target the impulsive, the lazy, and the pharmacy-phobic. Talia Frenkel, the owner of L. Condoms, told Fast Company that, "The entire experience is less embarrassing and more convenient" than taking a trip to the condom aisle.

L. is motivating even more purchases with a 1 for 1 commitment. For every condom purchased in the United States, L. will give one to a person in HIV/AIDS prevalent countries. So you can be a really good, socially conscious person while also being ridiculously lazy. But something tells me that unless the average customers are into extended foreplay, L. Condoms needs to whittle down that hour-long wait time.

Image via L. Condoms