•  Ben Reininga swept the internet with his hilarious takedowns of Cosmopolitan, Ridiculous Tips for a Miserable Sex Life.
     •  James Brady Ryan wrote a touching history of gay characters on television, and how they've changed in his lifetime.
     •  Rebecca Bohanan looked at the women in Bruce Springsteen's songs.
     •  Sonya Saraiya ranked Disney Princesses from least to most feminist, in a piece that really got comments flying.
     •  Alex Heigl wrote about Against Me! and Laura Jane Grace coming out as a trans person.
     •  Stefan Sirucek decried the sexlessness of Christopher Nolan's Batman.
     •  Jeremy Harlin examined the obsession with perceived authenticity in new porn plotlines.
     •  Colette McIntyre boldly forged deep into the heart of Ladies' Night.
     •  Lizzie Plaugic argued for the retirement of some unsavory sex terms, which then kicked off a further argument specifically about the term "friend zone."
     •  Kate Hakala swore never to sleep with a Kerouac fan.
     •  We also offered up a Republican Guide to Female Anatomy, a timeline of things historically blamed for teen sex (Dungeons & Dragons?), a new dating app specifically for Mitt Romney, and a handy infographic look at major problems caused by feminism.

NEXT: New features we launched this year, and highlights from some of our returning favorites...


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