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Pelvic Floor Exercises Can Help Men Last Four Times Longer

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Kegels aren't just for the ladies anymore.

According to a new study released yesterday, men suffering from chronic premature ejaculation should turn to that old pregnant lady standby: pelvic floor exercises. Premature ejaculation, defined as coming in less than one minute during sexual activity, is something that up to 30 percent of men can suffer from (no, really, you're not alone). While movies like American Pie may have emblazoned the medical problem with enough shame and misconception to last a few generations, there are many treatment options for speedy lovers, now including lying on a mat and picturing your genitals picking up a blueberry.

This interesting study included 40 men ages 19 to 46 who, after a lifetime of dealing with PE and trying practically every numbing cream, antidepressant, and behavioral therapy out there with no success, were at their wit's end. The men were asked to train their groin muscles with pelvic floor exercises for 12 weeks to see if this had any impact on their 32-second average. By the end of the three-month period, the fellows had increased their duration to two-and-a-half minutes, a fourfold increase. Only five men in the study weren't blessed with longer-lasting boners thanks to the floor exercises. Study leader Dr. Anthony Pastore says, "We also found that the fact that the men were able to improve their sex lives through their own efforts helped their self-confidence."

Pelvic floor exercises — flexing the web of muscles located underneath your pelvic region — might be the cheapest and safest play to solve premature ejaculation ever. The exercises can have enormous benefits for both men and women, including tightening muscles, creating larger, stronger orgasms, and helping with continence control. So, how exactly does a man get his Kegels on? One popular exercise includes a man lying on his back and imagining he's trying to lift his balls towards his belly. It may sound strange, but when it's a difference between a 32-second session and a few-minute fuckfest, everyone will be thankful you bucked up and tried these  exercises.

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