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Beautiful Portraits of Young People Who Identify as Neither Male or Female

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A look at San Francisco's agender community. 

Last fall, San Francisco high school senior Sasha Fleischman quickly became known in the genderqueer community of San Francisco after tragically being set on fire by a peer while sleeping on a AC Transit bus after school. The Maybeck High School senior, who identifies as agender (neither male or female) and prefers to be referred to with gender neutral pronouns, was awoken to their skirt in flames. 

The teen suffered from third degree burns on their legs and was held in hospital recovery for over a month before returning to school. The incident shed light on issues that impact an entire underrepresented community of agender and genderqueer persons. Even at Fleischman's small, private school, students identify as agender and two more as transgender. San Francisco Magazine took a deep dive into members of the community from all over the Bay Area, allowing them the opportunity to tell their stories. Photographer Chloe Aftel was on hand to capture images of the brave individuals who will not let society or our culture to define them. 








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Images via Chloe Aftel