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New App Is Like Slowed-Down Tinder for Picky People

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Clover doesn't require snap judgment, and you can see everyone who likes you.

Clover, a dating app that launched last month, combines the stripped-down functionality of Tinder with OkCupid's option to mull potential dates over.

Like Tinder, Clover is a location-based, swipe-to-choose app that imports Facebook photos and asks users for a short "about me." But instead of forcing users to make a final decision about attraction in a split second, all profiles can be passed over and saved for later before a decision is made. This allows for reconsideration and mind-changing, which Tinder does not. If there's a match, the two Clover users can chat for free. If there isn't a match but there is an uncontrollable urge to start a conversation, a user can buy bribe credits and spend them to begin a chat. 

Where Clover really differs from Tinder is how it allows users to see who's liked them. On Tinder, if someone likes you and you don't like them back, you'll never know. But Clover is betting that people would want to see both who they like and who likes them, either for reconsideration or just for an ego boost. It's a smart strategy. 

The combination of semi-anonymous browsing, free use with the option to pay for premium services, and the anxiety-reducing opportunity for a do-over makes Clover an appealing option in the crowded dating app field. Currently, it doesn't have many users, but it seems like it could be a good way for people who find Tinder way too impersonal.

[h/t Daily Dot]

Image via Clover.