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Realtor Overprices House, Uses It For Hot New Jersey Hookups

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There are many perks to being a real-estate agent like "no bosses," "flexible hours," "free access to houses you can turn into sex pad." 

There are many perks to being a real-estate agent, perks like "no bosses," "flexible hours," and "serious commissions." Also, if you are New Jersey realtor Robert Lindsay, "free access to houses you can turn into sex pad."

According to The Record, the lusty Coldwell Banker agent intentionally overpriced a house so that it wouldn't sell, and then used the property as a hot New Jersey pied-à-terre for "sexual escapades" with a coworker. Understandable. Nobody likes to be interrupted mid-tryst, especially by someone who might ask you to sell them the house you are supposed to be selling them.

But while Mr. Lindsay is apparently a creative problem-solver, he is not a thorough one: the scheme fell apart "after the realty couple was caught in the act on home security video." Using the footage of the agents having sex in their bed (and other places) as evidence that the agents did, indeed, have sex in their bed (and other places), the homeowners have filed a suit against the agents and their company "alleging breach of trust and fiduciary duties."

Meanwhile, Mr. Lindsay and his paramour must find alternative hookup arrangements: both have been released from their affiliation with Coldwell Banker, and though it's unclear if either is selling real estate elsewhere, we all know it is impossible to recreate the magic that once was. On the bright side, they will always have the lawsuit. And also, possibly, the security footage.

Image via Veer