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Rent the Hook-up Truck For a Private Mobile Sex Experience

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The box-truck bedroom of your dreams.

When the person you've been chatting with on your favorite dating app finally pops the question, "My place or yours?," the answer can now safely be neither. The Hook-up Truck is here to make sure you never have to stress about the mechanics of how to have sex in your car again. That's right, this mobile bedroom (a box truck) is rentable for the freaky deaky drive-by of your dreams.

The truck's website compares the experience to that of a car service. Simply rent via the company's email address when necessary – either for immediate dispatch or pre-book for special occasions. The site is vague on the complete process of renting a booty pad on wheels, but Laughing Squid determined the truck is roaming the streets of San Francisco Bay Area based on the photos.