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Rhino Sex Auteur Is A 63-year-old Grandma

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Rhino Sex Auteur Is A 63-year-old Grandma 

Anyone can do it on the Internet.

The mind and camera behind a minute-long explicit YouTube video of rhinos gettin’ it on is a 63-year-old Jewish grandma, reports Haaretz. And while one might take issue with her title of “Queen of Internet porn” — Haaretz maybe seems a little confused about what porn is? — it’s true that Sharon Doner-Feldman has indeed captured what’s probably the “web’s largest penis” in action.

“Hey Baby, Ride Me Rough,” which follows two rhinoceroses as they do the rhinoceros thing in a Miami glade, and is informally narrated by Doner-Feldman herself — “I wonder how long he can stay up like that,” she wonders — has already garnered more than 25 million views on YouTube. And Doner-Feldman is into it. “I think it’s wonderful,” she says of her late-in-life viral success. “Anybody can be an instantaneous success on the internet. It’s so much fun. It shows you that anybody can do it. People who are older can put stuff up and you can come up with creative ideas.” Creative ideas that can make serious bank, she’s learned, now that the cash from the YouTube ads has started flowing. (So far, she’s been using the money to help support her sick sister, further cementing her status as best rhino porn auteur of all time.)

But despite her breakout success, Doner-Feldman’s career in the uncensored animal sex industry may have begun and ended with the rhinos. At the end of the day, she’s a grandmother, as evidenced by her second foray into YouTube programming, the completely rhino-sex-free “Jump on Momma,” which features Doner-Feldman playing dress-up with her grandchildren. 

Image via Flickr