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Save the Animals By Using an Endangered Species Condom

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Sex isn't just about you, it's about giant pandas.

Do you enjoy sex but wish you could think about Ethiopian wolves, Goliath frogs, or Mediterranean monk seals just a little bit more mid-coitus? There's a condom for that. In the days leading up to the new year, the Center for Biological Diversity began disseminating 25,000 free Endangered Species Condoms. These bad boys are multi-colored rubbers featuring six different endangered species on their packages, spread to the public across all 50 states by volunteers. Why right before New Years? Well, according to "theories," people supposedly have a lot of drunken, unprotected sex to celebrate the passing of another calendar year promptly after the ball drops.

What in the macaw does the future of polar bears have to do with your intercourse? A lot, it turns out. The impact of human overpopulation is devastating on endangered wildlife. Half of all pregnancies in the United States are unplanned, and just about 200,000 people are born into the crowded world every day. If we wrap it before we tap it, we could not only be planning for our own families, but helping the already strained habitats of many endangered animals. It's an unpleasant concept to wrap your mind around, but our human babies are kicking out the beloved wild babies. If you are feeling like you were left out of all the panda-saving horizontal festivities, you can volunteer to be a condom distributor next time around. 

Below are some of the condom packages, which feature some choice animal sex puns.

Images via Center for Biological Diversity.

Feature Image via Veer.