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‘Sex Box,’ The Only Show Where People Have Sex in a Box, Is Coming to America

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We're probably going to watch.

Sex Box! Okay! 

Sex Box, a British reality show where a couple goes inside of a soundproof box on a TV set and has sex, has just announced that it's coming to America by way of WEtv. Sex Box. The only show where a couple is judged by a panel of sex experts immediately following having sex on a stage. It's the same highly literal naming principle as Snakes On A Plane. But a show where people talk frankly about how they feel about the sex they're actually having is a show that would be good for America, but maybe don't call it Sex Box. It's too easy to steal the idea. In fact, I'm pitching a live show to my roommates right now called Shag Shed where we invite couples to our backyard and offer play-by-play commentary. 

Watch an episode of the old Sex Box below. It's pretty good, actually! I wish you the best, American Sex Box.

 [h/t EW]

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